When rain falls I do not stay inside

(where it's safe)

but I leave through the door, abandoning

(the much-needed shelter of)

the house and I go out into the

(hard, unforgiving)

rain that patters

(and pounds down)

onto my

(delicate, fragile)

heart that you told me was beautiful

(a long time ago)

and when you had kissed me in the


rain, it felt like everything

(had left me)

and that moment I realized that I had


loved you and that you'd always

(lie to me, then promise to)

come back for me, and

(pretend to)

love me back. Now in the streets in the

(unforgiving and definitely not)

subtle rain, it reminds me of you, a

(horrible person that pretended to be a)

wonderful friend who has yet not returned, but




come back soon. And while I am happily

(drowning while)

twirling in the rain, I wait for something that will

(completely erase you from my life and will never)

remind me of you and your


smile. Waiting


for the