Pieces of Cloud

Across the river I met fighter airplanes
and seedy places of justice
crowds of lost people
hanging onto the pendulum of a clock
hanging onto his every word
to wisps of clouds
I prayed
I prayed
God, I prayed
(if only I believed in God)
I looked up at the sky

(It made me remember a day, long ago
those men, we swore to never let happen again
we couldn't let it happen again
no, why would we ever want to go through with that again
how many times can the World die
before it bleeds
why do we listen to hawks and dragons and things
instead of real people with real reasoning feelings
and questions and thoughts and hearts and souls)

They're writing their history books now, the Winners
with pens poised (only the pen is stronger than the sword) over my head
the word – the Word – THE WORD
(Let There Be Light
Let There Be Fire
Let There Be Blood and Thunder and Lightning
Hell claims all Ye Who Enter Here
The Work, The Truth, The Justice
Undying Faith and Unquestioning Obedience
Blind Trust and Complete Stupidity
Will Set You Free)
just let me get my scythe

(Just like when he was a little kid
he frequently had these out-of-body experiences
and now he does to, too often
when he uses the backs of bodies as bridges
for example, and all those other typical things
like when he's cold and can't sleep
he was never really close to anybody
he never had any buddies or anyone to write home to
and maybe that's why)

It snowed it snowed it snowed
he didn't remember how to talk or eat or think
only how to walk and walked
the castle, the snow banks rose around them
when they nailed that guy to the barn door
he couldn't feel anything
he thanked God he didn't believe in God
Pity is the cross on which man is nailed

(Just like when he was a little kid
he would frequently lie down in the grass
and look through the blades
like that's the last thing he saw
when he was a warrior
when I'm dead bury me in armor
just make sure to bury me deep)

Ghosts fighting against the Machine
we've got to break it or it'll break us
break us upon the wheel
the wheel that broke the butterfly
butterfly pinned upon the wall
dissected into tiny little pieces
my soul
my heart, my bones
just answer me, goddammit
at least pick up the phone
a word is all I need
all I needed, really

(Lying in a pool of my own blood. He saw himself from above. He couldn't bring himself to care.)

I'm scared for your future, said the man with the gun
but he didn't know
he didn't know the things I've done
all these stupid things I've don
these stupid things
weigh down on me
on my soul, the various things I carry
a thousand, two thousand
hahaha, lost souls
(it's a good thing I don't believe in Heaven or Hell)
who am I to question the goals of the Father?

(Explain yourself:
Well, sir, I don't really know. There were lights and there were sounds. And then there was nothing. There were a lot of people. I tried to get out – but I didn't succeed, obviously.
How far did you get?
Ten feet from the fence.
From the enemy lines?
No, sir. From our lines.
You were scared.
No, sir. I drew the Ace of Spades.)

Mankind. What has mankind ever done for me?
Mankind wants to enslave me
and trap me in a jar
like they trap rainbows and butterflies and things
hold me down with chains
little do they know
I'm a fucking tiger
trapped in a paper cage

"You too can join him," said the Heartless man, "if you step out of line."

Standing against the Wall, I see them
looking at me in curiosity, fear?
Hey you fighters, you new ghosts
yeah, you warriors
that's right, walk on by
because you've already sold your soul and sealed the deal, haven't you
(and it's not like you can go back home anyway)
no way I'll say it
won't do it, won't give in
I see you in your pretty little uniforms
Death Be Not Proud

(mad mad the things we do to sell our souls
drop everything
and walk on back home
one two three four
let's burn all our bridges
and march on back home
mad mad
what a mad lot we are)

Bye, then. See you later.

(The world began to fade, the world began in fire)
(What're they all waiting for?)

(I don't believe in last words, they're stupid)

He never really thought much of numbers before
certainly nothing to predict now
he had been places, so many places
he had seen castles and cities and things that no longer existed
trudging over this Earth like a wanderer, cursed long ago
(And in his dream, there was a pile of bones
a heap, and they kept adding to them
they kept adding to them
he wanted to scream at them
he had to count them, it was his punishment
forever, for all eternity)


"Wait, just a sec – can you just tell me one thing?"

(Eternity. It's to make a statement, that they're all in it against him. All of them standing against him, him alone. Why the hell would I want a blindfold? They're all getting to see this show for free.

"Just one thing."

(He looked up instead.)

"I have to know."

(He saw pieces of cloud
falling from sky)

"Will it end in – Light?"