(A/N: this is my first poem up and I'm really nervous. Please don't be too mean. I'd like to know how I did, though. This was a Halloween poem for my English class. Please read and review.)


Laughter hung in the air on a cold autumn night,

The stars were aglow

And the moon shone so bright.

Outside, children laughed as they searched the old homes,

For sweets and toys,

And for used plastic bones.

But inside this house, I am left alone

For no one is with me,

No on is home.

But the burning inside me could not be tamed,

When asked what I wish for,

That's all that I name.

To roam free, to be what I am,

With no fear of me,

or my big hairy hands,

Or my fatal sharp teeth and thick coat of fur.

I wish to be gentle,

I wish to be heard.

But, alas, this can not be,

For I am a werewolf,

And no one loves me.