Counting the Days

(One, two, three, four)

I'm overjoyed when I see pictures, each flipping past the days that never last.

(Five, six, seven, eight)

Watching the clock, waiting for the hands to speed past in my troubled thoughts.

(Nine, ten, eleven, twelve)

It's been a long time staring at a phone that never rings, but today you arrive, today I hope to see.

(Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen)

The minutes wane as time grows near; I feel a sudden change in atmosphere.

(Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen)

Oh, how dreadful this is! You were supposed to arrive, but you're belated. I can only fear the greatest.

(Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one)

I hear a knock on the door, enchanted I run, in hopes for what to comeā€¦.

Only to find a man with a frowning note he seemed to shun.

(Twenty-two, twenty-three)

The man said he gives his condolences for what I had lost, I start to think as I give all hope up.

So I cried at the door then I felt a warm hand guide my wet eyes above.

(Twenty-four, twenty-five)

Then a car pulled in, I looked with my eyes drying thin, and with a smirk on your lips you walked right in.