Inspired by HomeStuck. I wish this was a web comic. If I can find someone to help me, I'll try to do so.

If you could give me a hand with that, that would be AMAZING.

The is a horror. It is written like your in a video game. You are seeing everything progress as the main character.

This character has no emotions. So there for, you don't have fear in this story. You are calm while the horror go's on.

Enjoy our interesting journey.

Demon's Game; Zero Emotion

You wake up. Something feels off. Everything around you is almost a total blur.

You see that the window is open. It creates a chill on your skin.

There is an empty bed across from you. You don't know why it's there.

You blink slowly. Everything seems to have stopped. There's an odd energy in the room.

You don't know what's happening. You just stare at the empty, seemingly insignificant scene.

You have seen it many times over the past eleven years. Yet you still didn't know what it was about.

You still didn't know why there was a man at your window.

You stare at this man every time you see this.

He has sharp teeth in his grin. It appears that they are all large canines, fitting together perfectly.

You haven't the slightest of fear for this man. But he does make you shiver.

You feel as if the room is twenty-times colder whilst in his presence.

The man is dressed in a fine suit, black from is hat to his shinned shoes.

He leans elegantly on a finely polished cane that he is to young to truly need.

This man smiles openly at you. You can't see his eyes. You can see the tip of his nose and that tooth filled smile past the brim of his hat.

He chuckles, as if one of his evil plans is about to unfold.

You don't know why you see this all the time.

You don't know why this man haunts you.

You don't know why this man smiles at you.

This cold man with the black polished cane.