This is based off of a true story that recently happened to me.

I was so pissed. You chose her over me. She was my friend. I never expected you to truly choose her or to actually like her.

You bugged her about something, instead of me. I can understand that I might not be that good at writing the composition that we had to create, but that doesn't mean you have to go all googly-eyes about her. As soon as she sat down, you were all over her. Pestering her about her composition.

"No, it's crap," she replied, smiling. I watched carefully how both of them responded to each other.

"Aw, c'mon!" you whined. I crumpled the piece of tissue that I was doodling a droopy flower on. I pushed my chair back, standing up and took the paper with me. I didn't even put the chair back, I remember. I brushed behind you, keeping my head down so you wouldn't see the hurt on my face.

"Kaitlyn! Can you go get your composition?" asked my friend. I had a feeling that she was trying to make me feel better. Amy had a way of knowing that someone was feeling bad without you even talking to her.

"Nah, that's ok," I choked out. I was sure everyone knew that I was in a terrible mood, but you didn't. You just kept pestering her, not caring about anyone else. However, you didn't say anything as I walked behind you, but you focused on her screen. Watching her every move.

I stormed away. You didn't chase me. You didn't run after me, but then again, I never expected you to. So I continue through my life, anger at you for that one action, yet I am still in love with you, hiding the feeling from everyone else. Containing this anger that burns within me. The anger that boils my insides out, but I cannot release. You walk through the hallways, erasing the smile from my face, yet you don't realize this. I strive for perfection to please you, but I guess you like her more. She's newer and I'm the old girl, no longer the new girl that came here last year. I never expected you to like me, but I didn't want you to do this: break my heart.

I went an entire year crushing on you. I knew how to do it and when it was getting too much, but for you to not even think or know about this, is careless. I pity you for being so stupid. All those looks that we shared, no matter how brief, were a waste. All those times you talked to me and not the other way around, I was happy. You made me happy. I should have known better than to not even try. You were always out of reach. I can't even look at you anymore without the hurt coming back. All because of you.

And that's it. I was really pissed at this kid and for now, I still am. I'm sure I'll get over it within a week, but this was a huge blow for me. It might have been an off-day for me, but this just killed my day.

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