Lauren's torso was entirely buried in the pile of clothes. Every now and then, her pale arm would surface to throw something towards Anna. After about an hour of this, she was pretty sure she'd tried on every costume from every show the school had put on since the eighties.

Finally, Lauren came out with three clothing items secure in her hand. They were thrown at Anna, and Lauren laughed a charming laugh.

"Try it on!"

'It' ended up being a black poodle skirt, a white tank top, and a red flannel shirt that was so comically large on Anna that it could be an outfit on its own. She tied up the ends of the warm and slightly itchy top, and she told Lauren that she could turn around. The older girl brought her delicate hands to her mouth and gasped.

"You look so adorable!" She gushed, and Anna turned towards the mirror. With her curly blond hair in a messy ponytail, her outfit and her stiff black high tops, she looked like a girl right out of the fifties. Lauren was in high waisted jeans, a floral top, and a letterman jacket that Anna was pretty sure belonged to Trent.

Anna, John, and Lauren discovered that they were not alone in the school. When they ducked inside the theatre, John was silenced to help the group that hid there. There were four teachers and twelve students. Four sophomores, two juniors, and five seniors. Anna was the only freshman.

They survived for a few days off cafeteria food. One of the older boys would be sent to run there and back, and they managed until three days after the initial incident. Finally, someone sent Anna and Trent to get food.

Two days after that, and everyone had to get new clothes. The group in the theatre looked like a random collection of different time periods. It was actually amusing; seeing a fuming Goth girl in a Cinderella dress and a football jock in a Scottish kilt.

Everything was actually pretty O.K.

"Hey, Lauren!" John ducked his head inside the room and quickly covered his eyes with his hand. "Sorry! Not looking!"

Anna looked down shyly. She heard all about how many times John saved her life that first day. Lauren laughed and pulled him inside.

"Let's see what you're wearing!" She chuckled, and John's tan face darkened to an orange color. He actually looked really good, in worn down jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket that reflected the lantern light in the room. Around the second day, the power went out. The dark theatre looked like a city almost, with all the lanterns and small lights surrounding the dark, cavernous space.

"Oh, Anna, I got you something." He said. Surprised, she looked up to see a familiar piece of jewelry handing from his fingers. She gasped and snatched it away. She held it to her chest and smiled. "I don't know why it's so important, but it seems very special to you, so I grabbed it." He shrugged.

"ThankYouThankYouThankYou!" She stuttered, her gracious tone spilling the words into skipping and splashing puddles of gibberish.

"No problem." He smiled down at her, and looked to his cousin, who was admiring the way that her out-of-style outfit flattered her slightly curvy figure and her flat stomach. "Lauren, can I borrow you for a sec?"

"Sure!" She looked away from her reflection and turned around just as she was about to leave the dressing room. "Anna, you wanna come?"

But she was already elbow deep in a pile of scarves. She glanced up and shook her head, the necklace glinting in the lantern light.

As the two left the room behind them, John turned to her excitedly. The darkness completely hid her pretty face, making her seem only like a shadow; himself a silhouette.

"So, Mr. Kyle thinks that there's a generator in the basement." John said.


"And, this means that the school isn't on the city-wide power system, so if we get fuel…"

"We could have power again!" Lauren gasped, and although he couldn't see it, he knew that her eyes were flashing. Then her tone faltered, and it was almost as if she was scared to ask in case it would be shot down. "Showers?"


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