This Illusion – Epilogue


"Honey, I forgot to get the mail, do you mind grabbing it for me? Allison needs to eat dinner," Katherine asked after kissing Luke as soon as he arrived home from work. When she heard her husband come back into the house, she carried their two-year-old daughter into the kitchen. Lucas grabbed Allison out of Katherine's arms and plopped her down into the high chair while Katherine grabbed some food out of the cabinet.

"I've got it," Lucas outstretched his arm to steal the food from his wife and she laughed.

"Oh, we actually have mail today, not just piles of bills. That's definitely a nice change." Katherine chuckled, her attention still on Lucas, as she grabbed a purple envelope that was addressed to her. She flipped it over, expecting a return address. Instead, all she saw was, in a familiar bubbly cursive, the initials D.T.

"What is it, babe?" Dashing across the room, after seeing the facial expression Katherine wore, he stood at her side and peered at the envelope in her hand. "Who is that from?"

"I, uh, I," she stuttered nervously, "I think it is from Danielle..."

"What do you mean?" When Katherine didn't respond, he continued. "Open it!"

Katherine slid her fingernail across the top of the envelope, piercing it open. She yanked its contents out with shaking hands and gazed with wide eyes at what she saw.