Jacie had a beautiful smile; that was the first thing Victoria had ever noticed about her. But she hadn't seen that smile in a long time. Not for what seemed like many a decade.

The two girls currently lay sprawled out beneath the stars on a practically threadbare blanket, the beach sand below them still warm from the day's heat. They were more than friends.

They were lovers.

Girlfriends, lovers, dykes, queers, lesbians. Any term, no matter how crude, from that list applies to the two. Pacific Coast Highway buzzed behind them, though at the late hour of the night, traffic was beginning to slow. They had escaped here hours beforehand, due to unavoidable circumstances.

They'd been outed.

Victoria's mother had gone through her phone, gone through her messages, and seen too many hearts and too many "I love you" messages that she didn't like. Victoria had barely managed to grab a bag and get out of the house, though she escaped with a black eye. Her father was disgusted with her.

The other of the two, Jacie, had suffered a much less severe penalty as far as physical injuries were concerned, though the emotional toll was worse; not caring. Her foster parents simply kicked her out, leaving her a homeless ward of the state. Jacie didn't even make it out of the house with anything other than the wallet that had already been in her back pocket, and that contained little more than petty cash.

Jacie's long, brunette locks were tangled up in Victoria's short blonde ones, their fingers intertwined as they gazed up at the night sky. The sky was vast, the stars reaching a number unable to be fathomed by anyone, and at that moment, it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Let's run away." said Jacie, sitting up on the blanket, watching as the waves crashed on the shore

Victoria looked up at the girl questioningly, "Where to? What good is a license with no car? Or even then, no money? No means to go anywhere, sweetheart." she said, a bitter tone lacing her words

Jacie sighed; she always had been the more optimistic of the two, "Anywhere. Let's just run. We have nowhere to go but up, nothing to hold us back. Livin' on love, babycakes." she said, flashing a quick smile, though it wasn't really visible through the darkness of the night

Victoria sighed dramatically at the reference; Jacie always had been one for country music. It was just part of her heritage, no matter how distasteful Victoria thought it was, "The state has your records, the school has both of ours, and eventually someone's going to come looking for us." she reasoned

The brunette leaned in, her lips mere inches from that of her girlfriend, "Well, sweetheart, they're not gonna get us."

As she leaned in to let her lips meet Victoria's, the deal was set, and the two would run. Run far, from parents, from the state, from anyone would would stop them.

"Nothing can stop us,
Not now, I love ya!
They're not gonna get us,
They're not gonna get us!"

200 Kilometers Per Hour In The Wrong Lane