Hey Charlie

Charles heard a scream, then silence. It kind of scared him. He was home alone with all the doors and windows locked. A few minutes afterwards, he could hear a distinct laugh. It sounded suspiciously like a Joker laugh, but worse...and scarier. He walked to the front door to make sure that it was locked and securely closed. He didn't hear a sound. He decided to turn on the tv since that could fill the deafening silence.


The sound of laughter filled the dark and lonely house once again as the tv was switched to a comedy show. Charles stood there, in his kitchen, watching this ironically funny comedy about a serial killer who had to disguise himself as a maiden to not get caught. It wasn't very funny for him. He heard another laugh but this one was not coming from the tv. He listened harder, while his fingers pushed the button on the tv remote to lower the volume a notch or two. There was a bang on the door.

Charles reached for the first weapon-like object he had in his reach; a steak knife. He slowly approached the door and checked through the peephole. There wasn't anybody there. There was a baseball sitting in his front yard though that wasn't there before. "maybe that is what made the noise." Charles thought as he tried to explain the strange sound on the door that he had heard. He gripped the knife in his hand until his knuckles turned white. His hand slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door.

Charles had completely forgotten about the tv show that he had left on inside. The woman on the women screamed and spooked Charles so much he dropped the knife. He heard the laughing again. This time, he saw a figure, too. He looked across the street and saw a person standing on the sidewalk.

This person was leaning on the street lamp and had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He could tell that the man was wearing a dress suit. He was playing with a small knife in one had while his other was in his pants pocket. He had a fedora on his head that was tilted in such a way that covered his face from the view of the frightened man outside his doorway. The man on the sidewalk threw his head back and laughed that menacing laugh again. That laugh that chills your very being. He stood up and started to make his way across the street. He had a huge smile on his face and when he reached the middle of the street, he started to dance happily for the rest of the length of asphalt. As he approached the house he said, "Charlie. Charlie. Are you scared, Charlie?"

Charles was scared stiff. His door was still open and his knife still on the ground. The tv started laughing again. Making Charles spin around in surprise. The weird man was laughing along with it. It was pretty obvious that he wasn't a sane person. Charles turned to go inside when he heard from behind him, "Charlie, you're not gonna leave me out here in the cold are you?" the man snickered. The man placed a white glove clad hand on Charles shoulder.

Charles slowly turned and what he saw made him want to scream like a little school girl. Not two inches from his face was another's face looking back. But this face was so creepy. His face was pale white and his eyes were bloodshot. He had a long chin and scary grin on his face. His nose was long and pointy and his eyebrows were pencil thin. His eye were a gross green color, almost black. He had a pencil-thin black mustache that you could tell he trimmed to look perfect. Some of his short straight black hair escaped his hat and hung over his ears and he threw his head back in laughter yet again. "Charlie's scared!" the strange man teased. This man wore a purple suit and his underneath dress shirt was a light blue. Charlie nodded his head as an answer to this crazy mans last question. He ran inside and immediately shut the door and quickly locked the door.

His heart was pumping in his ears wildly. There was loud knocking on the door. "Charlie. Let me in. We can have a lot of fun. Just you and me, Charlie." the sing-song voice came through the door. charles piled as much furniture as he could against the door. He ran to his bedroom and curled up in a ball, afraid.

After about half an hour passed, Charlie was still in his bedroom shaking with fear until he sat up straight and started pep-talking himself. "Charles you are a man. A man who is strong. A man who is completely scared out of his mind. A man who..." he stopped to think. His eyes widened as realization hit him. "...who has a phone!" he pulled his phone out of his pants pocket and looked at the screen. He began cursing in every language he knew until he was hoarse in the throat. Of course this had to be the one time that Charles let his phone die on him. Maybe he could use the landline in the kitchen. But for that, it would involve leaving his "safe" room.

Charles started to think about it, " well, I haven't heard him in while, maybe he's gone to bother someone else." it didn't sound very encouraging but it was all he could think before he slowly opened the door and began to creep to the kitchen.

He picked up the phone and when he was about to dial the phone, he felt a pair of hand cover his eyes and a breathe on his ear. "guess who, Charlie." it was the same raspy voice from outside. Charles was so scared, he ripped the hands off of his eyes and spun around and saw the front door still piled high in all the furniture in his living room and dining room except a table the tv and a couch.

" how did you-" Charles asks.

"are you up for a game, Charlie?" Charles shakes his head no. "it's called, what's missing." Charles eyes widened when he heard the name. "let's play, Charlie!" the man dragged Charles to the couch and threw him onto it.