Another crippled verse about a rehearsed memory
For I could escape the present's blur
And my deadly worst tendencies
Tread through these melodies as I ascend from the hell in me
Eventually this evolves to self-empathy

I dream she recalls what is left of me
And that these sewed wings will set me free
But the alarm rings. Freezing reality dreads in
Giving gravity a chance to keep me down again
Open thoughts race and conflict at the speed of light
While my heart self-destructs and bleeds from absence of love each night
I grow restless from the leeching fights inside
Remain alone and breathless
Till I tear off the mask I hide behind
I dedicate this to all the dead alive, to broken wings I've taught to fly,
And to the demons I once angelized

I stuck my tongue in frozen rain for a drop of peace
I used the blood of open veins to fill my pen with ink
It draws a crimson flame of clarity as I wander deep through melodies
Remembering serenity as I drown in the regret in me

I wonder how love evolved to this
And why my problems fall from above as serendipitous
Until I ravage my eyeballs and remind myself struggles are ubiquitous
Searching for the difference between recrudescence and zombific flesh
I question if I was only sent to understand the lesson of loneliness
Clasping for hope filled bliss and haven't caught the wind's blowing kiss
Destined to always miss
The stars have fallen and plastered me with a shattered wish
I'm a pragmatist calling for an angel who welcomes me with absences

Trapped in society's abyss. Chained to deceiving dream
Born with so many questions, I've spent my whole life solving each
I've grown nauseous from the routines
Breaking down walls even when my fist bleed
Take a step back and see my masterpiece
Blood and tears articulating a perfect tragedy