Hi all! This is my very first time posting, and as I am a full time college student and worker, my posts will be illregular and infrequent. But rest assure, I do plan to finish my story one way or another. Happy reading, and I enjoy reviews, both good and bad, I'm not looking to become a profession writer, I just enjoy doing this as a past time and I hope you will enjoy also. :)


"Coming!" Emma called over, covering the phone.

"Hey, I'll talk to you later? Someone's at my door." Emma said to the phone.

"Yes most def. and you better not flake on me Em I swear, last time I had to bring Jason and you know how much of a downer he is" Michelle said in an exasperated voice.

Emma smiled at her tone. Michelle and Jason had a love hate relationship. They couldn't stand to see each other most of the time, and hated even more to see either with another person, and when they were together, the same pattern always came up. Argue, sex, and argue again.

"Bullshit and you know it." Emma was smiling even bigger now. "Nothing bad ever comes out of the two of y'all but good sex and an argument here and there" Em said almost laughing. "Very good sex if I recalled your last confession correctly." She truly was failing to contain her laughter.

"EM! You're supposed to be on my side! And sex with Jason is not that good..."

Em waited a few seconds with an eyebrow arched, knowing that even though Michelle couldn't see her, she knew her well enough that she didn't need to speak to be understood. Finally Michelle spoke. " okay that was a lie, Jason is AMAZING in bed, but we don't need to let him know that, lord knows that his ego is already big enough... Among other things..."

"Eww! Ewww! Okay, TMI, I don't need to hear about how well hung he is, AGAIN. I've heard plenty much from you alre-"



"Shit! gotta go see you-"

"In an hour" Michelle finished before Emma quickly hung up and ran to open the door.

"Hi dad" Emma said quickly swinging the door open.

He looked down at her with a little frown. "What on earth were you doing that it took so long to open the door young lady?"

Emma looked up at her dad guiltily. "I was on the phone with chells and I forgot to open the door, wassup?"

Shaking his head, her father smiled a little. "How is she? I haven't seen her in a while"

"Oh you know, it's Michelle, as exciting as ever and she'll be here in an hour of so"

He chuckled, he'd seen how crazy(not in a bad way) Michelle could be, and he liked to label it as just being a little eccentric. "I just wanted to let you know that Im leaving to meet up with the Alphas of the northern county and should be back by the time you wake up tomorrow morning."

Surprised Emma exclaimed "Right now?! How come I'm only hearing about this now?" She said with a little frown.

"If I recall young lady, I told you at breakfast, but you were busy texting or whatever you call it on that little device of yours."

She smiled guiltily at her dad and rushed to give him a hug and said to his chest, "Be careful out there. I want to see you here in the morning as you promised. There's been a lot of accidents recently..."

Her dad hugged her back tightly and gruffly said, "I know sweetie, that's why I'm going to meet the Alphas, I wanted their expertise on how to handle such a situation especially since you young folks are all into your technology and what not, I need their advise, Alpha to Alpha."

Emma smiled. She loved her father to no extent. He was an Alpha to the bone but he was also smart and open. He was determined but also knew when to ask for help. And through all his hard work, and busy schedule, he always made time to spend with his daughter, putting her before his duty to the pack. Going so far as to denounce the mating law, that forced her to be mated to a willing Alpha at the tender age of 17, and instead, it is now stated that as long as he is alive and well enough to lead, she may take her time, and choose carefully, who she is to mate and spend the rest of her days with leading the pack. It's been almost 4 years, and she had yet to find a mate.

He interrupted her thoughts by saying"Strangely enough, not only does the pack have two Alphas, but both of them have yet to be mated." He started stroking his minuscule beard(one he just started to grow, a few days ago) to her amusement.
Then he looked down at her, "maybe-"

"Nope. " she shook her head and waved her hands, stepping away a little. "No way dad. I want to choose my own mate. What if the Alphas are rude and old fashioned and thinks they could just push me around because I'm a female. I mean I barely got out of the mating with Brunt, I could hardly act like the submissive type, especially to an egotistic Alpha like Brunt, I don't want another overbearing Alpha."

He nodded his head with a tight expression, "I never liked Brunt, good thing I cleared my sights,better yet, you cleared my sights in time to save you from such a life," and then his expression softened. "Just give them a chance sweet heart, who knows, one of them might be the one, and they can't be that over bearing or domineering, I mean, they're Alphas, but if they're able to take care of a pack successfully, and together, who's to say if they're overly overly over bearing..or more over bearing than a typical Alpha...did that make any sense to you?"

Emma laughed a little and nodded. "Okay, I understand, I guess I could give them a chance, but maybe well just start with something small, like, ill meet them and we'll see how it goes from there. But I'm not promising anything dad. I don't want to make a whole life's decision based on first impressions."

"And you shouldn't, but you're my daughter so you already know that," he stated proudly. "Okay, that settles things, ill talk to them tonight and if they're willing, I see what I can do. Heck maybe ill just leave it up to them, give them a little hard time trying to figure out the best way to impress you and all" he said chucking.