A nice little story from a different perspective...

I laid there and gazed out the window as she slept upon my chest. Our legs cuddled together, I paid close attention to the pattern of her breaths. Soft meant she was still half awake, deep meant she was in a humble slumber. I could've laid there forever listening to her heavy breathing and notice her quiet twitches. For a while our inhales an exhales were the same until I looked at the clock and sighed disappointed.

We had to get ready for school soon. I lightly brushed the side of her cheek with my finger. She pulled the blanket over her lips. I tapped her nose. She brought the blanket up higher. I tickled her forehead and she gently punched my side. How could she not know she was killing me softly? There had to have been some reciprocation. Like when I would laugh into her neck, it tickled her crazy. When I would stare longingly into those dark brown eyes, I could consume her soul.

Did I ever affect her like she did me? Did she ever stare at my lips, wondering what it would be like to lick or taste them? Did she ever envision making me shutter when her tongue would stroke my neck? Did she ever see us getting married and growing old together? My heart races so fast it hurts. I love her, and would for an eternity. But I might have to leave her in this place. We were getting old too fast and everything was happening too fast. I wanted to make time stop and stay in this second for the rest of my life.

This was our last year together. We were going to different colleges next year and we both knew that we couldn't keep a longer-distance relationship or wait for each other.

I'd tell her "you'll find a really nice guy and he'll take care of you." I'd push her away from me in the gentlest way I could. She would silently agree, wondering why I was giving her up. It's because she's not ready for my love just yet.

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