I'm an outcast to the well-known paved paths
Just a vagabond walking along rusted train tracks
On the search for a life beyond window frame cracks
Each step is followed by a trail of blood that stains my past
Every choice is tainted by angelic lips and demonic laughs
Welcome to the life of an innocent child grazed by a cold flash
Gravity molded me into a vigilante, an iconoclast, a suicidal man
Raised without a dad

Trash to society becomes a part of me
I write on old pages till phantoms blow my words through the wind
As the shadows start to close in, I embrace them with open arms
They bring echoes of what is gone
A sheet of thin ice for a broken heart to dance upon
Till it shatters into a false hope
Another paradise where I don't belong
I've grown nauseous from the same song
All escape routes lead to dead ends
Still haven't found a single true friend

Hear the sounds of a fallen angel cursing at a blooming sky
Another lost stranger waiting to die
Like the rest of autumn's leaves destined to become dry
A jaded actor without a role who hides his cry
I walk alone blanketed by midnight's lights
Solve my problems on my own through the route of ephemeral life
Childhood promises are the only reasons I have to sigh
I'm caustic from the ashes of butterflies and melting insides
Lost it when I imagined a world where no one dies
Unfortunately it's all in my mind

Happiness is a reminder of what is not meant to be
It's the beginning of the end, the awakening of a dreamer who lives in fantasy
The moment you realize justice and peace is make believe
You've awakened to the sadistic strings of insanity
Welcome to the dark greeting of reality
You're just a another star bleeding light across the galaxy