romance of sunshine and sky

dearest summer,
extinguish the saffron sunrise
from the horizon to isolate the darkness,
resembling a candle's flame being
snuffed out while learning the art
of breathing and getting drunk
in the process

these october scars don't fade
swift enough, reflecting your dying
silhouette as a collision of sepulcher
shadows and weeping willow tree
branches dance sinuously inside the
madhouse of the innocent

i instantly became a victim the
moment i let go of your hand,
terminating my life support
but how can one person affect
and intertwine with another's existence?
how can one shape destiny so that
all that's left for everyone else is
to pick up the pieces of their
own car-crash dreams?

you play your guitar as i pull the trigger,
mimicking a chaos theory similar
to the butterfly effect because
the sky is damaged- just another
sabbath whore with smudged eyeliner
and dirty moonlight bleeding through
the bullet holes from her open palms,
a fake crucifixion administered
by gunshot wounds