bubbly supernova secrets

the tequila sky bled moonlight onto
our open palms and a confetti
of jellybean stars filled the horizon
like scented potpourri as dusk
wrapped around our corpses
like a manic boa constrictor

fireworks exploded inside our mouths
while we chewed on sugar plum
dreams and the tongue-tied night
was enchanted with marshmallow candles
that were suspended in mid-air, resembling
scorched fireflies whose ashes we buried
beside headless dolls and deaf-mute teddy bears

we used to write our bubbly supernova secrets
on trippy-neon moleskin notebooks
while clippings of our newspaper obituaries
adorn the walls of our tree house

they say we were lunatics but that was only because
we worshipped the gumdrop moon
and sipped death in the afternoon
from a mad hatter's teacup