vintage heartbreaker

you blinded my eyes with stardust, suffocating
me with your scintillating illusions.
you slowly consumed my sanity with your
glittering oddities and gradually,
i became intoxicated by your synthetic magic

the music you weaved with your wordless
whispers has left me craving for more
because this blank canvas has become
the dance floor for our unwritten story

no one could remedy the fever of your black dahlia smile,
slowly infecting my heart like a virus in
sexy black leather jeans- reminding me of
the aftertaste of lazy morning sunshine

and the clouds were writing a sestina that afternoon
in vermillion rouge lipstick when we found love,
trapped inside a funhouse of star-shaped flowers
and hanging upside down a mulberry tree while
sipping vinyl cyanide from a martini glass-
offering what was left of her own soul to
the devil in exchange for one more possibility

i feel so dirty- tainted by your kiss.
there were times when i wanted to end
my own life just to know if you still care
but like an old ragdoll you left behind,
you never looked back


so go on, sweetheart, pull the trigger
because i'm simply another girl
for the summer and you're
just a vintage heartbreaker