black ribbon noose


autumn's cityscape stripped before the amaretto liqueur moon,
each street-corner begging for a thunderstorm kiss from its
skinny pomegranate lips, yesterday vaguely tasting
like snakebites with a hint of spring vodka

there is something beautiful about the way you breathe,
something tragic in the way you speak
my name and it's as if your heart beats
so close behind my ear, echoing my own sorrow
while the moon distorts our perspective
of tomorrow so, stay real close, my dear.

don't hesitate any longer.
don't make me pull the trigger.
please don't make me remember
the summer when you said goodbye.

darling, you're just a memory- merely another
afterthought of november, crawling inside my
candy cane veins like a winter caress
with my heart hanging on a
black ribbon noose