Finding Sierra Crest

By maple leaves and orchid hills,
through vanilla skies and scents of the past
finding Sierra Crest has never been so hard.

Nor this painful,
for she was by the corner
where tall trees danced with the gentle breeze,
fluttering their majestic leaves.

And I,
just having landed from an eccentric sky
in all my fears and hopes
felt mostly insecure.

But Sierra,
oh how she was there for me
with good food and warmth,
with a bolstered roof to shoulder the rain,
She would be my first
if passion be personified.

To this day,
how I still hold her in such esteem
I can't forget her clear, pristine
features for they quarantined
any thoughts of despair and doubt.

So perhaps it's safe to say,
Sierra Crest found me
and for that I pray
I will see her once again.