really without real

i took cues from a casino worker,
dealing two spades and no heart.
never considered gambling a fortune
with my pair of high-low
now i take walks in the park
meditative ones; insightful strolls
and there's no more thoughts of numbers or shapes or black or red
plus basic math never was my forte
so you'd substitute the hilt of my en gardes
and i know my form will be a little bit dull
but you'll be a bigger bit relieved
because i waited for the turn
because i never got the open-ended straight.

maybe it was a flush, though.

so maybe i'll saunter off onwards to a further destination
through body with mind, in sweating detoxification
though it'd be a lie, if i said i didn't feel the sensation
but now i don't speak to peddlers despite the temptation.