I must have sinned in the last life

I must have sinned in the last life,
because I'm wallowing now that karma's caught up
since your fate is not here, entwined with mine

what must I have done a lifetime ago,
to have lost the warmth of your companionship
in the clutches of frugality, society and superficiality

whether it's this period of existence
or the next
or even the one after
could I not foresee losing your support

so maybe that i'm too sentimental
or perhaps a little bit dazed
when it comes to all things relating to you

and all things related to me,
I could have done without
if it meant not having said "enjoy the rest of your days"
knowing full well that i wouldn't be in it

especially now, that later has come
you've already moved on
and i'm wondering why
I didn't apologize when it mattered.