The two men who'd shackled me to that pole were standing in an alleyway again talking to eachother. This time I could see desperation on their faces. A relization struck me in the face, if they were here and they were looking for Jake then I had to be close! I smile bursted out on my face, and I came up with another idea. What if I just followed them? Subtly of course, then pounce out and rescue Jake before they could 'eliminate' him. I slunk down in my car seat, my eyes glancing over at the men every now and again. It took about 20 minutes but finally they got in a car and headed south, I waited a few moments before following their black SUV.

The roads were winding and long, but the car finally screeched to a halt at a driveway. Using my quick thinking I pulled into the nearest empty house, and had a glandce at my list. Squinting into the distance I saw the house number the men had stopped at, 52.

52 Brokesporth Street, California. I glanced anxiously at the list in my hand of Jake Farrows, there in the middle was the exact address that the thugs were going into. I examined the make-shift profile I had created on this specific Jake Farrow, with the knowledge gathered from Facebook.

Jake Farrow Number 34

Age 19
Lives with his family still.

Interests: Soccer, Movies, Females.

Liked Pages: Like if you think you're a swagg-a-saurus and

boi: let's go 2 Maccas

girl: okai, by me sum onion rngs

boi: okai

girl: diez

boy: yyyy? I luvd u bbyz

Girl woz allergic 2 onions LIKE IF YOU CRIED.

And lastly a photo of the Jake Farrow.

Holy. Moley.

I squinted desperately, bringing the photo closer to my face. It couldn't be! No way!

I groaned with frustration, slapping my list to my forehead. It was the guy from last night! The cutie who saved me from the pole! URGH. I had spent all that time looking for the right Jake bloody Farrow and i'd already met him. I could feel my eye twitching with absolute annoyance, when a car door slamming broke me out of my self-loathing. The men were on the move, that meant I had to be too. I slipped 'subtly' out of my vehicle. By subtly, I mean I jammed my leg in the door, fell out onto the concrete, rolled a little, until I stopped in a bush. Moaning quitely, I crawled out of the bush lucky to see that the men hadn't noticed my movements and were still heading towards the door. Untangling leaves and twigs from my body and hair I headed for what was hopefully going to be a backdoor. Hoisting myself over their very very very tall fence (compared to my 5'4 height at least) I landed ungracefully on the otherside. I strained my ears trying to hear for any disturbances, and shuffled my way around the side of their house, trying to avoid being spotted. My heart was pounding in my ears as I glanced daringly around the corner. I nearly screamed from fright as the two men rung the doorbell.

Wait what?

If I was planning to kill someone because they over-heard me saying some super-duper secret stuff I wouldn't just waltz to their door and knock politely. But these two men were just waiting paitently for the door to open, somehow that was even scarier.

"Where is your family?" Came the intimidating voice of the scar-faced man. Jake looked absoulutely confused, his facial expressions betraying his want to slam the door in these sleezy men's faces. They too noticed and forced their way into the house, I heard them repeat the question with more agression before and I cry of alarm come from Jake.

Okay breath Eva, all you have to is charge into this house (sneakily) somehow avoid being killed by these two massive steroid taking men and simply save Jake Farrow and pray that no one else wants him dead. Yeah, I can do that.

Me, a chubby little girl, with no sort of combat training at all could do this.

Mhmm, totally.

I would've stayed rooted in the spot, trying to build up my self-confidence when I heard another strangled yelp. Right Jake's in trouble. I'm his saviour. Goodluck to him.

His scream echoed in my ears, and it jolted my feet back in to motion. Firstly I grabbed my handy pocket knife and slashed the men's tyres, wincing as they let out an abnormally loud hissing sound as they deflated. At least now I was prepared for a get away, I began around the house for a non-obvious entry point, my heart-beat racing quicker with each step. Finally an open window entered my view, I picked a rock and threw it in just in case it was the room with the men and Jake. After hearing silence meet my rock throw, I hoisted myself into the house. I lay panting on the floor of what looked like the bathroom, mentally and physically preparing myself for the next move.

"I d-didn't tell anyone!" I desperate voice pleaded down the hallway, I cringed as a loud smash followed Jake's cry. I grabbed a scrubbing brush, a shampoo bottle and a large metal stick that I found in a closet. Armed and dangerous, I initiated the second part of my plan. Turning around, I promptly smashed my metal rod into the shower's glass door, mesmirised as it shatterd into millions of pieces. It had the desired effect, as the house went completely silent. No more pleading cries, smashing noises or angry voices... just footsteps.

Dangit! He was coming already! I beghan to desperately squirt the clear coloured shampoo on the floor, and I waited anxiously behind the door for the baffoon to fall into my trap. Seconds later he did. Slipping on my cunningly placed hair product he had no chance. As he began to plummet, he let out a loud yell alerting his partner then crashed onto the bathroom floor. A sickening thud sounded from the impact. I quickly searched his body, and found a wallet, a gun (EEK), and a small looking USB stick. Not willing to risk being caught by the second man, I quickly fluttered down the hallway to where I heard Jake's voice. I slipped into a closed bedroom, and waited for the footsteps of the other man to echo down the hallway. Eventually they did, and just before they passed my door I hoped that this would work. I slammed open the door quickly, grimancing as it cracked upon the mans head. Another crack sounded as he struck the floorboards, laying unconcious at my feet.

Hah! 2 to Eva, 0 to the Buffoons! I resisted the urge to do a happy dance, and quickly searched the man finding similar items on him as the previous one. I was halfway through running down the hallway when I realised there was now no going back. Those men were going to come after us, and look to kill. They had guns for pete sake! Shaking negative thoughts from my mind I continued on my way. I came to a slow stop as I took in Jake's character, he had a few bruises and his eyes were open wide with shock, fear and recognization.

"Pole girl?" He asked, his voice drowning in pure shock. I did have to admit this was all just a little odd, but I had bigger things to worry about. I nodded and winked, walking towards where his hands were I saw that he was unconvineintly attached to a large wooden table. Cringing, I hesitantly looked over at the handcuffs (And yes, I did search for a little button) but I couldn't find a way to release him.

"Okay, okay. Don't panic, there's just two large men who are 'hopefully' unconcious and when they wake up they're going to be angry and looking to kill us both. In what I imagine to be a slow painful death. On the positive side, you have both me and two guns." I released that brief interperation of our current predicament in a hypocritacally panicked matter. Jake only looked more confused and scared to begin with, due to my great motivational speech I just gave obviously.

A loud groan and a distant string of curses pushed my heart-beat through the roof. Looking around wildly for an escape, I tried to ignore the looming footsteps coming straight down the hall. Jake looked petrified also, yanking with sheer desperation on the chains.

"Grab the table and run." I whispered quietly to Jake, lifting two of the table's legs up. He quirked an eyebrow but complied, grabbing the two nearest to him. We quickly made our way through the house 'quietly' as not to alert the men. Finally fresh air filled my lungs again, as we broke out of the house alive. I almost cried with happiness.

Believe me, trying to escape while having to carry a large HEAVY table wasn't in this rescue missions description.

Jake was also panting from the effort, seeing as he probably had to carry the entire thing as I gave up halfway through due to my muscles protesting. A loud slam of a door opening made me force Jake to continue to my car.

"The white one over there!" I cried desperately as I heard the thud of footsteps alarmingly close behind me. "HURRY!" I yelled, as if we weren't pushing our legs as fast as we could. As we narrowed in on my car, I realised one essential thing.

That table was not going to fit in my car.

"GET IN THE PASSANGERS SIDE!" I screeched, releasing the table and scrambling for one of the guns. As Jake awkwardly positioned himself so the table was hanging outside, I rushed into the drivers seat cranking the engine and chucking Jake the other gun. I had no clue how to use it, but it made us look pretty badass. I floored backwards, reversing through a garden or two and destroying some letter boxes with the table that was still outside scrapping against the grpund. The man made a fist before trying to chase us in his car, only to find it's tyre slashed and useless.

Haha, 3 to Eva, 0 to the Buffoons! Planning ahead and being organised does really help, and I thought all those punishment essays we had to write about the importance of organisation were total bullshit! Looks like I owed a few teachers some apologies.

"How's the table holding up?" I asked, watching it fly upwards out of the corner of my eye as we sped over a speed bump. He didn't reply, but merely gasped in pain. Ouchies, his wrists looked bloody and bruised as they had been smashed around too, unfortunately connected to the table. I searched my rear-view mirror for any signs of the bad guys before jerking to a stop, deeming the area safe. Now that I didn't have some maniacs with guns trying to kill me, I could think about releasing him. With a clear head at least.

We were a long way from my house, so going home wasn't an option. And I didn't want to endanger my family. Going to a friend's house was out of the window too.

"Here try slip your hands out." I said softly, rubbing some of the clear shampoo on his wrists. I felt bad for him, all this because he heard some big men say some scary words. And plus he was cute, so I couldn't just yell at him to man up and crack the hand-cuffs open with his face. He looked skeptical but tried neverthless. He grimanced as the metal rubbed over his wounds, and sighed and shook his head.

"It's no use, any other ideas?" He croaked out, looking slightly defeated. I hummed thoughtfully, before grabbing my pole and whacking one of the legs with all my strength. Jake yelped with suprise, but it cracked and split off from the table's body. Doing the same with the other leg, Jake was free from the ruined table but still had the hand-cuffs wrapped around his wrists. We got back into the car, both quiet as we began to think about what had just occurred. Consuming my thoughts also, and nagging at my brain was,

What the hell was going to happen next?