Aletta sighed. Despite her love for her husband and children, it was nice to get away for a while. She closed the book and rose to place it back onto one of the many shelves that made up the bookcase. She sighed. Christopher had been gone for three days now and she was beginning to miss his company. She glanced around the library room and smiled. She had always loved books, even as a child. Now she had a room full of them, to read at her leisure.

The peace and quiet was suddenly interrupted by a piercing scream. She sighed. Jonathan. She was making her way up to the bathroom when suddenly her eldest son came hurtling down the stairs, pursued by the maid with cries of "Master Jonathan, you've still got soap suds in your hair!". Aletta made her way to the small bathroom at the end of the corridor. She surveyed the scene and couldn't help but smile at the maid's misfortune. There was soap and water everywhere. In fact, there was more water on the floor than in the tub, and from what she could gather, more soap suds on the maid than on Jonathan. Poor Nancy, it was a battle that took place at least one a week and she always looked as though it was she that had been bathed. It was much later on that Aletta suddenly realised that Jonathan had been completely naked. Well, she thought, at least Nancy had managed to remove his clothes before he had escaped.