White Wolf

White wolf calling out again
Prudence wearing out again
My appearances can be deceiving
Lust is driving me again
I long to hunt again
Destiny abounds that you be mine this evening
I'm openly wrong to my attempts
I want it
Yet right to these voices in my head
I want it
Death brings pleasures light won't bring
I want it
Why can't good be this satisfying?
Run away while you still can
I'll find you in the end
This gain is only temporary
White wolf's calling out again
My instincts hunger for their sin
I'll taste your taboo crimson delicacy
Why do you always resist?
I want it
Relinquish all your innocence
I want it
Relax, this will not hurt a bit
I want it
Tasting blood under this silver moonlight
Tick tock, midnight's drawing ever near
As I whisper in your ear
You take off running as we start to play
White wolf's howling out again
I've found you now, my friend
This game I love will slowly drift away
There's no one left to play
Until another day...
White wolf receding to her den
One last howl echoes out again
My play-date for tonight has sadly ended
Surely, yet not so clearly,
To play fairly again...