Dying Regret

How many times have I done this to myself?
What burdens will blind me into misery.
Like moth to a flame, I'm drawn to my own sadness
Bound, I'm a wandering destiny
Hypocritical lies, tears of joy, and yearning pain
Each to his or her own, pulled by want and shunned by gain.
Everyone lives in regret, stomped into silence until one day
Their feelings grow numb and their sovereign jurisdiction is to blame
Die by me! Live your life, and see through me
Can't you see? This friendship shackles you as much as me
Ooh, dying by me, I feel your hate burning in me
You take pleasure in forgetting our memories
Dying by you, you'll take my hand and shed a tear
Maybe even reminiscent what happened over all those years
I wipe away your fears as a draw my last breath
At rest at peacefully knowing your hatred would always be short lived
I smile as a fade, I'm hoping this stays, you and I
My immortal dream is shattered upon waking;
Silently cry, as I might
Die by you, you die by me,
This haunting pain will make us see
Foolish games cannot truly break what matters today