Non-violence poem

Do you hear the wind?

That carries the cheerful screams of children.

At the playground they play.

Screaming and running around with no care.

No pain no tears.

Just laughter and cheers.

Two different worlds coming together in harmony.

One black and dark.

One bright and pink.

They laugh and talk with smiling faces.

Helping each other up every day.

No pain No tears

Just laughter and cheers.

Happy parents smiling down at their new child.

Hope shining in their eyes as the child grows.

Playing and help people who are different from them.

Making friends and no longer fighting.

Running around in the bright sun.

No pain No tears

Just laughter and cheers.

Helping each other as we all join hands.

Race doesn't matter, image doesn't matter no longer.

Just laughter and cheers.