Krislynn looked out upon the old house that was slowly falling into disrepair. She had spent so many nights in that house when she had been mortal and a fresh Vampire. She had even grown to call it home. For a time it had been her home. So much of her youth and innocence had been stolen within the walls of that house and now...

Now it remained an empty shell of a reminder of a life she once had. And she could remember it all so clearly. The day they first set eyes on one another. The day they first met...


She waved her hand with an apathetic gesture to the young boys attempting to show off for her attentions. She wasn't impressed by their displays of skateboarding prowess. They were non-magical and while she was not one of those witches who hated non-magic people, Kristy Lynn just knew that the boys begging for her attention would not understand her world. She didn't hate then. She was born to non-magical parents herself and had already indured enough grief because of it in her first four years of training. Now the inherent torment was no more than a game to one Christopher Prince.

Kristy Lynn rose from the bleachers as a car pulled up. Hoping that it would be the person she was waiting for the sultry brunette walked towards the vehicle at a leisurely pace. She wanted to look like she had recently arrived and sat down casually to wait, instead of the hour long wait in annoyance. She even took a moment to crouch and fix her shoe. While crouched over, to keep up appearances, she untied and retied her shoes as she cautiously watched the car.

The driver's door opened and out stepped a man in a business suit. From her vantage point he was of average height and build with light brown curly hair. It was unkempt which made him appear younger than he probably was. She pegged him at twenty five or a few years older. The suit he wore was wrinkled, she noted during her observation, like he had been driving awhile. Overall, she decided he was definitely cute but most likely not the person she was waiting for.

Having concluded that he wasn't the person she had been hoping he would be, Kristy Lynn stood and continued to walk towards him with the intention of veering off as soon as she could. She didn't want trouble. Her grandmother couldn't handle anymore trouble from her. Plus she had no where else to go if she burned her last bridge, and this guy gave her the impression that he might be troublesome. Kristy had a good sense for spotting trouble though she often ignored those senses because she liked the adventure. As she drew nearer she eyed her surroundings for an escape that would disguise the fact that she had thought he was someone else.

"Excuse me, Miss" the man's voice distracted her. It was smooth and hypnotic like a lullaby. "Sorry to bother you but could you tell me how to get to Canterbury Lane. It seems I have taken a wrong turn."

Kristy Lynn found herself intoxicated by the sound of his voice. She could hardly utter a coherent vowel let alone form an entire impressive sentence. Even the overwhelming desire Kristy was feeling to flirt and showcase her boasting female sexuality was incapacitated by his entrancing presence. From a distance he had been cute, nothing to write home about, but close up Kristy found him nothing short of heavenly. She could almost feel her knees growing weak as her big brown eyes gazed into his. The spell was only broken when she realized she was acting like a fool and came to her senses.

"Canterbury Lane?" she questioned.


"It's two blocks that way," she pointed towards the left road. "It's a short street and the sign has been broken since last summer...they haven't fixed it yet."

"So I passed it," he replied with an amused smile. "Thank you Miss, have a lovely afternoon."

Kristy Lynn nodded and watched as he got into his car then drove away. There was something about him that had her memorized. Deciding that she simply didn't care to meet her companions any longer Kristy began to walk unaware of her surroundings and in a daze similar to one her school mate Libra was in when the jerk Dean Stewart asked her out.

It had been roughly a week since the meeting with that strange man who'd captivated her attentions and left her distracted ever since. Kristy Lynn had even uncharacteristically written to Libra about her mystery man and her concerns for these emotions she was feeling towards the man she didn't know at all but who's image was burned into the back of her mind. Libra had been typical Libra in the matter didn't hesitate to remind Kristy of Laurence Bryant, the guy who was supposed to be her boyfriend. She hadn't told Libra that things with Laurence were not going so well since he had encountered her snogging with a fellow classmate; Harvey Chasewick.

With a sigh the fifth year witch-in-training followed her grandmother through the grocery store. Her grandmother was planning a dinner party for that night and they were short on groceries. Kristy never enjoyed grocery shopping with her grandmother. It was boring and she was expected to have an opinion on the things her grandmother bought because you have to eat too you know so we might us well buy the things you like, you're far to skinny was what her grandmother would say.

"What about turnips?" her grandmother asked pulling Kristy out of her daze.

"Sure, turnips are good," she replied with a tone her grandmother would consider apathetic.

"We'll get two."

"Uh huh."

"Honestly Kristy Lynn, I plan these dinner parties so that you can meet people your own age from respectable families and stop running around with the street trash you like to hang with," her grandmother stated in an exhausted tone as if they hadn't already had this conversation a dozen times. "You could at least pretend you care. I know you're in the drama stuff at that school of yours, hasn't it paid off and given you some ability to pretend?"

With that coming from her grandmother Kristy had no choice but to laugh. "You want me to pretend instead of be honestly uninterested?" It was so unlike her grandmother to want her doing anything that wasn't normal for her. Pretending to be interested in these dinner parties was something she would do if her grandmother requested it but it was not something she cared about being involved in.

"For the sake of my sanity, yes"

"Very well Grandmother, get one turnip because a lot of people don't really like turnip and mix it with some carrots." She put the second turnip back on the shelf leaving her hand there while she continued to talk."It will show that you are courteous to the desires of some while still offering food the majority will like."

"There's my little housewife," her grandmother pinched her cheek with an amused smile on her face and Kristy groaned. "I knew you were made of good material."

"Excuse me Miss," a voice oh-so-familiar interrupted their conversation. Kristy Lynn turned around with a start. Of all places for that voice to turn up she had hoped it would not be anywhere in which she was present with her grandmother. She could feel the butterflies doing somersaults in her stomach and felt her heart rate speed up uncontrollably as she looked at the man requiring her attention. Then he smiled and spoke while her knees turned to jelly and she had to hold onto the shopping cart tighter. "Oh, hello again."

"Hello again?" Kristy heard her grandmother question that man she was infatuated with. "Do you know this man, Kristy Lynn?"


"Not exactly Ma'am," the man took over as Kristy was unable to intelligently speak. "You're daug-"


"Granddaughter, gave me directions last week," he informed her.

"What is your name? It is rude to address someone without a proper introduction."

Kristy almost let out a groan as her grandmother started to lecture the name but she was thankful she had. Kristy was dying to know the name of this name for purposes that might seem rather stalker-like. She could try using muggle measures to find out who he was.

"Latham Vincit."

"Vincit...would you be Vincent's brother then?"

"That is correct Ma'am."

"Good, then I expect to see you for dinner tonight. Kristy Lynn, let Mr. Vincit have that turnip."

Immediately Kristy took her hand off the turnip and looked away as the redness would be coming to her face. She was never the girl who got around a guy she liked. Ever. She was always so poised and in control when it came to guys. She was the girl all the other girls came to for advice on getting the guy they liked. But faced with this guy, this man, she was just like any other hormonal teenage girl and she was embarrassed of herself.

"Thank you," Latham took the turnip and placed it into the basket he was carrying. He leaned towards her as he did so and then whispered. "And it looks like I'll be seeing you again real soon."

It took her heart several seconds to start beating once more after that encounter.

Krislynn walked up the drive as short memories passed before her eyes. She had listened to the sounds of gravel crunch beneath her feet so many times before it meant nothing now, but reminded her of the excitement she used to feel coming here.

She reached the barred door and with a quiver of her hand went to yank them free. They came off with ease thanks to her vampiric strength and she inched the door open. It squeaked from age but otherwise opened into a flash of old memories.


The table was set and the roast was simmering in the oven. The entire house smelled like beef from the meal and gladiolas. They rested on the windowsills, on the tables and just about anywhere else her grandmother deemed worthy of hosting some flowers. Kristy never fully understood the necessity for flowers or dinner parties. She couldn't understand how people found enjoyment out of being crammed into a tiny house.

"Perfect," her grandmother entered the room with a wide smiled. "Everything is ready and guests will arriving soon...Better put on our party dresses."

"Are you sure there's nothing left to be done?" Kristy asked her.

"No, go get dressed...And Kristy Lynn, wear the brown dress with your gold belt."

Kristy sighed but nodded. Her grandmother was forever trying to dress her in appropriate clothing. She hated that Kristy liked wearing jeans and provocative tops but didn't realize that Kristy only wore them to annoy her. In reality Kristy was more comfortable in T-shirts but tonight wasn't a night to argue so Kristy went to her room to dress.

The dress her grandmother had picked out for her was very plain. It was a straight cut dress and was sleeveless with a square neckline. It was chocolate brown and it did look great against her pale complexion but she still only liked wearing dresses at weddings, funerals and school dances. The gold belt her grandmother referred to was stretchy and braided. It went well with the dress.

Kristy had decided on leaving her hair down but after a look in the mirror she decided against it. She pulled strands of her brown curls back and pinned them with a hair clip. Then she added some light lip gloss in pale pink and a light layer of brown eye shadow and mascara. For any other of her grandmother's dinner parties, Kristy never cared as much as tonight's. She often didn't even bother with make up but knowing that tonight she was destined to make a fool of herself, she at least wanted to look as breathtaking as her grandmother's rules would allow.

Deciding she did look as breathtaking as possible, Kristy slipped into a matching pair of brown flats, no doubt her grandmother had picked them up as she hadn't seen them before. It felt silly to be wearing shoes in the house but an outfit was never complete without a good pair of shoes, her grandmother always told her. Dressed, with shoes and make up on, Kristy descended the stairs just as the door bell rang which saved her from the inspection her grandmother liked to perform before guests arrived.

She heard her grandmother greeting people. Then the familiar voice of her grandmother's closest friend, Jeannie Garrison, flowed from the door followed by a greeting from Jeannie's husband Elwood. A silent groan passed over Kristy's lips. Jeannie and Elwood always attended these functions and always spent ten minutes inspecting her and noticing how much she had developed since the previous summer. Then they would once again try to marry her off to their own grandson. It was always worse when the grandson actually came to the parties. Therefore Kristy held her breath waiting to see if the grandson had come along.

One...two...three. There. The voice sounded older and less squeaky but she could pick out Adam Garrison's voice anywhere. Another sigh and Kristy knew she would have to reveal herself soon otherwise she would be thought of as rude. So reluctantly Kristy walked into the entrance way of their house and put on a smile for their guests.

"Kristy Lynn!" Jeannie greeted her. "Don't you look lovely tonight! Doesn't she look lovely tonight, Adam?"

"She sure does," Adam replied flashing her a smile that revealed straight white teeth. Those were new, she thought. Last time she had seen Adam Garrison he had glasses, braces and a choppy buzz cut. Now he was tall, lean, with perfect teeth, contacts and shaggy blonde hair with what muggle boys called wings. He'd certainly changed.

"Thank you, Adam," Kristy said politely and tried to escape but Elwood caught her wrist.

"Not so fast young lady," he said. "Let me look at you."

Here it came. The inspection. She knew it was coming but no matter how many times they went through the process she still felt uncomfortable with it. It made her feel like a specimen in a laboratory. And it felt like Elwood insisted on making sure she was good enough for his grandson to marry one day. And whenever he looked her over he clicked his tongue which was greatly annoying.

"Still too skinny," he grumbled. "Not good for having babies."

"I don't think so, grandpa," Adam piped in as the doorbell rang once more.

"Let's not stand in the doorway," Kristy's grandmother interrupted. "It's not polite to greet guests here. Kristy Lynn would you tend to the door while I show the Garrisons into the parlour?"

If only she could make herself invisible without having to use magic and get caught by the ministry. Instead she nodded and obeyed her grandmother. Over and over again Kristy answered the door, greeted the guests (including the Vincits) and directed them into the overcrowded parlour. Once she was sure everyone had arrived she made her own way into the parlour knowing that soon enough they would be sitting down to dinner at the six foot table her grandmother had placed in the garden.

She lingered by the doorway to their parlour and watched the procession of guests with a small smile on her face. As much as she hated this kind of thing her grandmother loved it. Tonight she was in her glory surrounded by all her friends and even a few acquaintances like the Vincits. Her grandmother shone though and it made Kristy smile to know the old woman was happy. Laughter erupted in the room so loud she didn't hear anyone step up behind her until a voice was whispering to her.

"We could escape, you know," he said into her ear giving her a chill and causing her stomach to flop. "You look like you want to be here even less than I do."

"So why did you come?" she replied turning to look at Latham. His suggestion was incredibly tempting. Most occasions she wanted to be as far away from functions like these as she could. And the prospect of disappearing into the night with him was definitely a good one. It didn't seem to matter that he was older and she knew practically nothing about him. But she couldn't do that to her grandmother.

"Why do you think?" he produced a glass of wine and offered it to her. "It's a party, I'm sure your grandmother would understand."

Hesitant, Kristy took the glass of wine. He had a point. It was a party, at her grandmother's house. She was allowed to have one glass of wine under her grandmother's roof during functions like these. There would be no trouble in taking that glass of wine now instead of at the dinner table when it was usually served. Perhaps if her grandmother didn't see her she could get away with two glasses this evening. She would need it.

"You're tempted aren't you?" he asked her as if he could read her mind, for all she knew he could be a master at persuading young girls into disappearing with him and then they were never seen again.

"No," she lied.

With ease, Latham brushed a strand of hair from her neck in an intimate fashion that caused her to shiver once more.

"Don't lie Kristy Lynn," he scolded her. "You're tempted. Who wouldn't be? Handsome and mysterious older man offering you some salvation, I'd be tempted too."

He was right of course. She was tempted, very tempted for she had never met someone like Latham Vincit before. He was older, handsome, mysterious and he kept popping up everywhere she was lately. First the park, then the grocery store and well, her house was a coincidence but that he chose to talk to her was definitely one. She couldn't say anything in response. Her throat was dry and since she did not reply Latham simply shrugged.

"I guess I was wrong," he said and began to walk away.

Kristy downed the wine then and called to him in a low voice that he heard nonetheless. "How much older?"

"Now that is a good question isn't it?" he cocked a smile and disappeared into the people moving through the parlour and out to the garden.

Dinner was scrumptious as always and everyone seemed to think so. Everyone except the Vincits for the entire room was quiet except the sounds of their voices constantly breaking the silence. Vincent was relentlessly questioning her grandmother's guests and Latham was politely talking with Adam and questioning him as if he were competition. Kristy just hoped that her grandmother did not take notice of their distaste for her meal, after all roast beef was her grandmother's specialty.

"Kristy," Latham's voice broke through her silent demeanour. "What about you?"



"I go," she said cryptically causing the table to laugh at her "wit."

Latham chuckled. "That's a good thing but the question was where?"

"Boarding school," her grandmother piped in.

"Boarding interesting," Vincent joined the conversation then. "Latham and I went to boarding school as well. Which one?"

"Uh..." Kristy looked to her grandmother for direction. Usually they tried avoiding the discussion of Kristy's school around guests because they never knew what others would think or say. It was safer to keep everyone ignorant to the fact that she attended some school she didn't like to talk about due to embarrassing facts. Not even her grandmother's best friends knew the truth about her school. "MacKenzie Hall Academy."

Both Latham and Vincent nodded in a knowing fashion that sent her brain buzzing with questions. It appeared as if they knew exactly what she was talking about. Or they were really good at pretending. Then, if they did know, how much did they know about her school? Was it possible that her and her grandmother had stumbled upon one of the few magical families living in their neck of England?

"Does Professor Summers still teach there?" Latham asked nonchalantly as if it was the most casual conversation and Kristy could feel her jaw almost drop.

"Yeah," she stammered.

"I enjoyed her classes the most," he informed. "Gosh, it's been what...eight years?"

"Eight years." Vincent agreed.

Kristy did the math quickly. If it's been eight years than that made him twenty five. She sighed inwardly. Definitely too old for her...not that she cared. It shouldn't matter how old he was in comparison but it did. A piece of her was quite disappointed to know there was a ten year age difference between them.

"I think we've talked about this long enough," Kristy's grandmother chimed in. "Kristy Lynn, why don't we clear the table while everyone else heads inside for dessert?"

"Oh Mrs. Reed, you've done such a wonderful job," Latham interrupted. "Please, allow me to assist Kristy and you go ahead in as well."

"I couldn't possibly allow a guest to help," she replied.

"Give it a try," Latham urged.


"Relax, spend time with your friends and let us take care of the dishes."

"All right, you've twisted my arm," she agreed.

Kristy rose and began to gather plates while the guests slowly left the table in favour of the parlour. Latham remained and cleared plates directly across from her. Neither spoke but occasionally she glanced at him to find him completely focused on his task. Instead of attempting further conversation, Kristy went inside carrying her pile of plates and cutlery. There she set them on the counter and ran water for the sink. She could hear the murmurs from the other room and footsteps of Latham carrying in more dishes.

She dumped the pile of dishes into the sink with a squirt of soap and began to wash them. She could feel his presence lingering and hovering behind her but she tried ignoring him. It only made her aggravated that he wouldn't disappear or continue to least be useful. She slammed plates onto the dish rack as she washed them and plunged her hands back into the soapy water. Her finger caught on something sharp and pain ripped through her arm. She jerked it out of the water and watched the blood drip down her pale finger.

Within seconds Latham was at her side taking her hand. "Are you okay?"

"Just a scratch," she tried pulling her hand free of his grip with no luck.

She wanted to move her hand from his grasp because it was definitely wrong to be in that position. She didn't want to pull her hand away because it felt god to have it there. It felt good even when she knew it shouldn't. She struggled against him but barely.

"Let me see...please," Latham urged in a husky voice that she could not resist.


He dragged her hand into the light then he brought it to his mouth. Kristy gasped as he placed her bleeding finger into his mouth. It became engulfed in heat and moisture. She could feel his tongue wrap around it's slenderness. Her stomach performed back flips as other things within her heated up. Her mind went foggy as if she had been drinking too much firewhiskey.

She knew this feeling. It was desire. The desire to tear his clothing off and have her way with him on the kitchen floor surrounded by dirty dishes and with her grandmother and a dozen guests in the next room. She had felt it before many times. One didn't get the reputation she had by not experiencing and acting upon certain desires.

Though the desires were strong, Kristy tried to reason with the warning sirens going off in her head. Perhaps all that was happening was Latham had some strange saliva that healed wounds. It could be as simple as that and nothing sexual at all. She doubted it but there was that possibility and she really tried to convince her raging hormones to relax and believe it. She tried and tried and just as she was ready to give up everything stopped.

Kristy let out the air she had been holding captive and dared a look at Latham. He still held her hand but on his face was a look of one who'd just peaked. That smile, it was stunning and sadistic, and it was just for her. Kristy knew, even as silence passed between them, that she belonged to him now.

She came out of the vision with a smile. Those first memories of Latham always brought her comfort. He had been such a gentleman then before she knew about the monster within. With an encouraging breath Krislynn continued into the dark house lighting up her wand tip.

The parlour through the left door but she would wait before she went into there. If she was taking this trip it would be in proper order. Krislynn walked to the stairs. They looked the same besides the layer of dust. She put a hand on the railing prepared for what she would remember next and yet not quite prepared.

Never, in all her years of attending MacKenzie Hall Academy had going back to school been as hard as this year. Without even realizing what was happening, summer came to a grinding finish and Kristy was packing her trunk to return to school the following morning. She hadn't seen Latham Vincit in a week but that was acceptable since he was twenty five and had some kind of job to attend to. His work had to come before his too young girlfriend otherwise people would suspect something though they were very careful with their going ons.

They never met during the day for fear that someone might see them together and ask questions. They never went out to public places because once again someone might see them. They even used his sister (whom Kristy had never met but was roughly the same age) as a reason to why Kristy was often at his house. His sister was tutoring Kristy in some of her school summer homework though Kristy really hadn't needed the tutoring being super smart and all that. She just pretended she needed the tutor because it got her time with Latham.

Kristy placed the last of her books into the trunk and closed the lid. She sat down on it and rubbed her shoulder chasing off the late summer chill that was fresh in the air. August wasn't supposed to get cold but it had been raining for the last two days and it was damp. She winced as she rubbed her hands over fresh bruises on her arms. Her grandmother assumed that after seeing them Kristy was involved with some kind of gang and had been keeping her under lock and key though that never stopped Kristy from climbing out her window. Nothing would stop her from seeing the man she was in love with.

A tapping noise sounded on her window and Kristy's brown eyes looked up meeting a tawny owl. The owl was so familiar and her heart began to race as she slowly moved to the window and allowed the creature inside. It stuck out it's foot for her to untie the note attached and then flew around the room freely before leaving through the window it had come. Latham never waited for a response. It was like he knew she would always come running when he summoned her; like a good little pet that she was. Sometimes she hated herself for being so submissive towards him but she couldn't help herself either. Latham owned her, body, heart and soul and he knew it.

She untied the letter and read:

My Kristy Lynn;

I wish to see you one more time before you depart for school tomorrow. Don't let me down.


She needed no further instruction from him than that. She knew the place to meet. She knew who to look for that would escort her to Latham's home. She knew exactly what time to arrive there and what to expect her escort because Latham would never arrive to pick her up. That would be too suspicious for them. She knew it all as if she had been studying it all her life and it came as second nature. She knew the routine like she knew her first year charms textbook.

She would go to him one more time before her year of school separated them. There was no question in her mind about doing otherwise. People may say it's not right for her to love one so much older than she. People may look at him in digust if they knew her age but that didn't matter to them. The only things that mattered were being together and not getting caught until she came of age. One more year, Kristy sighed to herself. Her sixteenth birthday had only brought upon one good thought. That there was only one more year until she was deemed an adult.

Night soon fell and Kristy listened intently while pretending she was sleeping until her grandmother went to bed. She knew that as soon as her grandmother removed her hearing aids she wouldn't hear a thing. Kristy would be free to sneak out her window and see Latham one last time before she left for school. She waited and listened and soon she heard the soft putter of her grandmother cross the hallway and open her door. She heard the whispered "Good night, Kristy Lynn," and the door closed once more.

Kristy counted to ten and then crept from her bed. She slipped from her bed clothes into a pair of jeans and a black tank top. She stuck her running shoes in a bag and went to her window. She slid it open carefully without making a sound and threw her bag out the window. It landed with a quiet thump on the ground and Kristy followed it out the window in her sock feet. Climbing out her window was quieter when she wasn't wearing shoes. she had learned that the first time she went out the window.

Once she was on the ground Kristy slipped into her running shoes and took off jogging down the dimly lit street. Every night they met, Kristy would meet her escort at the park in which she and Latham first met. She arrived at the park just in time to see the black Sedan waiting for her and the driver standing outside the vehicle waiting to open the door. Kristy, while she appreciated the offer, never understood why it was a polite thing to do. She was capable of opening doors but after the first time she mentioned this and argued with the driver she kept her mouth shut and got in the sedan.

"Good night, Miss?" the driver greeted her and opened the door. It was a silent rule that Kristy never revealed her name to the driver and vice versa. Latham was glad they had silently agreed upon that because he worried about being separated from her.

"Good night," she replied though feeling weird because good night has always been a form of good byes not greetings. She got into the Sedan and the door closed her in. Within seconds the driver was in and they pulled out onto the road to Latham's. She sat quietly while the driver informed her of his instructions for the night and what time she should expect him to arrive to escort her back to the park.

"Have a good night," the driver said announcing that they had arrived at their destination.

Kristy thanked him and got out of the Sedan. She stood for a moment as the Sedan drove away leaving her in the darkness. There were no lights on in the Vincit Mansion and it made her shudder every time she approached the place. It was almost like a looming building of darkness and despair and most people spoke of the place with fear. Kristy had long ago learned to fear the place. She never imagined she would be having midnight rendezvous within its walls with none other than one of its owners.

She walked up the drive with stones crunching under her feet being the only sound she heard in the night. Her eyes darted around the trees lining the property looking for lurkers or anyone that might come out and attack her before she reached the house. Everything was quiet as she moved through the shadows of the night and she reached the house. Kristy knew not to ring the doorbell, she knew it would be open so she crept inside quietly and pulled the door behind her.

"Latham," she whispered, her voice floating through the darkness and falling silent on the empty room. There was no one present so Kristy fumbled blindly through the entrance way trying to find the staircase that would lead her upstairs to Latham's bedroom.

She reached the staircase by stubbing her toe on the first step and letting out a curse followed by another one for letting out the first. She grabbed the banister to guide her but quickly pulled her hand away as it soaked in something wet and sticky. She brought it to her nose and sniffed, smelling the hint of something metallic. Her stomach lurched as she started to realize what might be coating the staircase.

Out of the darkness Kristy heard the sound of a door creak open and footsteps moving across the floor above her. She froze where she was without realizing that it might just be Latham. This house, no matter how many times she came to it, still gave her the creeps because she never knew who was living there though anytime she was there it was just the two off them. With her focus on the footsteps upstairs, Kristy didn't hear the ones right behind her. Not until a pair of arms were wrapped tightly around her waist and her neck and she gasped for air from the shock of the force.

"I knew you couldn't resist," Latham's voice almost cooed as he tightened his grip around her, to him this was an act of affection. His mouth came down to her level and he licked the side of her face before releasing her. Kristy gasped as she fell forward onto the stairs banging her knees in the process. She turned and sat to look at Latham though in the dark it was hard to see his features.

"Is that blood?" she asked indicating the window sill.

He didn't answer but his silence told her all she needed to know. It was blood. Where it had come from though, Kristy wasn't sure she dared ask. The topic of his family was a rather secretive one. Latham didn't like to share too much. Instead of answering her question, Latham stepped forward and grabbed her arm with a tight grip. His fingers pressed deep into her skin and he half hauled her up the stairs after him. Kristy, as always, tried to fight to get him to loosen his grip but it was never a success. As much as she loved Latham, she did wish he wasn't so rough and dominating with her.

He lead/hauled her straight to his bedroom and swung open the door. There he released her and Kristy rubbed the spot on her arm that he had made tender. Before she could truly catch her breath from Latham's actions, he was holding her once more in a tight embrace. His mouth crashed down on hers hard enough to leave it bruised and tender by morning but nonetheless Kristy returned the kiss he offered her with as much force as she could put into it. Latham liked to be in control but he liked it just as much when she fought him for that control. And Kristy did. Always.

Her legs gave way under the force of his assault but Kristy didn't need legs to hold her up. Latham's grip around her body was tight enough to hold her in place. Whenever he held her, no matter the intensity of the grip, Kristy knew she was right where she belonged even among the pain. Being with Latham was like seeing her entire life before her eyes as clearly as she saw her own reflection. It was strange that she liked the abuse even when so many other women ran from it or lived in fear of it. Kristy thrived on it. It thrilled her senses to know that while she was with Latham she was always inches from death. And to know that he loved her so much he would never be able to live his life without her again.

Latham ripped his mouth away from hers and Kristy immediately felt the cold and emptiness of the room. Her heart fluttered and she tried to draw herself closer to Latham. Instead he drew his hand through her hair and pulled her head backwards. Kristy felt her neck crack as it hyper extended and she felt whiplash and a sting of tears then his mouth devoured hers once more with added fierceness. It melted away all the pain she felt when he exerted his dominance in their relationship.

A sigh escaped her lips, one she didn't want to escape. Whenever she experienced something so feminine as a sigh when her lover kissed her, Latham gained more of an upper hand. Kristy didn't want to give him anymore upper hands than he needed. He already had strength. He had fierceness. He also had the darkness in him that she was sure he could use to kill. But she was sure he would never use it against her.

This time Kristy pulled away, a thing she did often to ensure him that she still had some control in this whirlwind of a romance they shared. Whenever she did it made Latham's desire to possess her that much more powerful. He caressed her arms and stared into her brown eyes for a full minute. She didn't shrink from his gaze though she felt the need to. Shrinking would only prove that she was weak and unworthy of his love. She was determined not to feel that way or to make him think she was unworthy.

Then his grip on her arms tightened and her feet left the ground. She dangled like a rag doll for a moment looking down at Latham before he tossed her onto his bed. She bounced once before she settled onto the blankets stunned from the force of his throw. Her teeth bit down on her tongue when she landed and she could taste blood. She remained on the bed with her lip bleeding and her arms still tender as Latham paced around the end of the bed examining her form like a hungry wolf waiting to pounce.

Pounce he did.

Once again she was back and she was no longer standing on the stairs. She hugged herself after remembering all the times Latham had left her bruised. She didn't know what she was thinking at that stage in her life.

Krislynn stood before a door and found herself afraid to go inside. Behind that door were more memories than any other place in this house. It took her five whole minutes before she could go inside Latham's room. But she was still unprepared for what might come next.

She opened the door and nothing happened. She stepped over the threshold and it remained Latham's room, empty and abandoned and covered in dust. She ran a finger over the foot board of the bed. No flashbacks came while she searched the room but everything was the same. His bed was left unmade. The curtains were still torn from one of their nights of passion.

She opened a drawer and his clothes still lingered inside it smelling of mildew. She dug through the socks and her hands came upon a wooden box. She pulled it out and was thankful it was easy to open. Inside the box were her letters. All of the ones she had ever written to him while she was in school. They were smeared but Krislynn was still able to read her messy scrawl.

Dear Latham
I dreamed of you last night and in my dreams you wore a black suit. You were crying over my body because you had taken our games too far. I don't know what this means but do be careful with my fragile mortality next time we meet.
Kristy Lynn

She had always signed her name with a heart in those days. She remembered that. Krislynn folded the letter back up and replaced it into the box. She kept the box and placed it into the messenger bag which she wore. Then she turned to the closet and opened the door. Dust flew at her. She coughed once and wiped her eyes. She moved aside the clothes that still hung to reveal herself gazing back in the form of many photographs awake and asleep. Candles rested beneath the pictures.

She had known Latham loved her but she had never known the extent of his fascination and obsession with her. She hadn't known he kept a shrine of her at the back of his closet and the thought brought a smile to her face. At least someone in this world had thought her to be that incredible. Even if that someone was no more. She closed the closet and continued down memory lane.

She skipped the remainder of the bedrooms up there and the attic. She had no connection to them since the bedrooms belonged to Latham's siblings and although they were polite to her they weren't exactly people she got along with. They were simply empty rooms where people she had known once lived. They had left long ago and Krislynn did not know whether they still lived or not. Her connections with the Latham family were completely gone the minute her connection with Latham was gone.

Back at the stairs Krislynn descended but she did not stop at the main floor. She went down into the basement because there the next set of memories would find her. And the basement had been the room she always felt most comfortable in. It was welcoming like a sophisticated and completely public bar. It had plush couches, a bar and a pool table. The Latham's kept very little connections to the muggle world but they did enjoy pool.

She walked through the basement in silence and remembered that life with Latham had not been all that horrible like people thought. It had its downside but it had its perks too. She never wanted for anything. Latham took care of all her needs and she only had to be herself to keep them both happy. He had been her partner, her lover and her provider and now he was nothing but a distant memory of what she had lost.

She crossed the basement to the far wall and her hand found the hidden latch that had destroyed her innocence completely. She pulled it and waited as the wall disappeared to reveal another staircase, but this time it was metal. She stepped into it and the scent of death, blood and formaldehyde assaulted her sensitive senses. Krislynn was not afraid now. The memories she would walk into haunted her even to this day. She saw them every time she closed her eyes because this was where everything changed.

She followed the stairs and then the dark hallway where she stepped into the killing room for the first time in five years.


Christmas holidays came finally and Kristy was so excited. She hadn't seen Latham in four months and his letters had only gotten more tormenting as time passed. Her own were worse and the dreams she had of the two of them were sending her off her rocker. In her last letter she had changed the date of her arrival because she wanted to surprise him and she couldn't wait. She had even told her grandmother she would be home later so she could spend time with Latham uninterrupted. She was so excited she spent the duration of the train restless and unable to relax.

Even once the train had arrived in London, Kristy couldn't relax. She still had to take public transit across the city and even walk because transit didn't go as far as the Vincit mansion. She arrived though, cold with red cheeks and a runny nose. It was not exactly the "honey I'm home" look she was going for but it would do. The important thing was that they were going to be together. And she couldn't wait to get her hands on him.

She entered the house in silence and her first instinct was to check Latham's room but it was empty. As was every other room in the house that she checked. Kristy let out an exasperated sigh and sat down on the staircase decided to admit defeat and wait for him right there. It was sitting on that stair that she heard the muffled screams from beneath her and jumped a mile high. That scream made her realize that the house must have a basement and she set out with renewed excitement to find the next staircase.

Latham was probably in the basement.

She found the door to the staircase and crept down them. As she did the sound of screams resounded louder than before. She knew she had to be getting closer. The screams continued and made her hurry. She felt like someone might be in trouble the longer she lingered and she might be the only person who could help. Unfortunately, when she reached the basement it was empty. Gorgeous but empty and she couldn't understand what was going on.

No one and nothing was in the house except for Kristy and the screaming man. She was terrified for their lives as she clung to the walls of the room and looked for a door or something. Her mind raced as she searched. Somewhere in this house was a man in trouble and she couldn't find him. All her logical sense was failing her. Then she realized the illogical and pulled out her wand.

"Specialis revelio," and before her eyes a latch appeared beside her in the wall. "Whoa..."

She pulled the latch revealing a spiral metal staircase and she started down it quickly. She didn't care that whomever was down there might hear her. She had to help the poor man being tortured or whatever was happening to him. She had to. She reached the bottom of the stairs and was plunged into complete darkness. She stuck a hand out in front of her and felt her way along the cold stones.

At the end of the hallway Kristy entered a room. It was dimly lit and looked like a muggle torture chamber. There were two bodies in the room. One was standing tall and still while the other was limp and it's arms raised above it's head in chains. Kristy knew she was too late but she stepped into the room nonetheless.

"What have you done to him?" she questioned without thought.

The second man turned to her with a smile on his face but it soon faded to shock as they both realized who was in the room.

"Kristy," Latham whispered.

Her heart sunk in her chest and she turned around to lean over a garbage pail to vomit for reasons she could not figure out until later.

The memory of seeing her first death still shook her up. Since that day Krislynn had seen more than her fair share of deaths. She'd even killed herself but often it was people who were already heading to their grave. She didn't like to kill and when she fed she never drained the person entirely. Latham liked to kill. He needed to kill. She still didn't understand it to this day but she had accepted it.


"What have you done?" Kristy asked him once more.

Latham ignored the question and replied with his own. "What are you going here?"

Kristy dared a step forward and Latham allowed her. She slowly moved towards the limp body dangling from the chains. The smell of metallic blood was potent in the air as it dripped from various wounds in the man's chest. She touched the body and tilted the head back. Her heart leaped into her throat. Before her was Adam Garrowson, grandson of her grandmother's closest friends.

"Why did you do this?" she asked Latham not turning around to face him because she couldn't take her eyes from her dead friend.

"You weren't supposed to be here," he replied.

Kristy could feel the tears forming in her eyes. She could feel the lump in her throat and the anger boiling up in her stomach. She wanted to cry. She wanted to yell. She wanted to punch him so hard that her hand went through his stomach just as his knife had gone through Adam's.

"And that makes it okay?" she questioned. "I wasn't here to see it therefore it would be okay to kill my friend because I'd never know!"

"Kristy," Latham reached out to touch her shoulder.

She pulled away then swung herself around to face him. Her fist clenched and she brought it back. She threw the punch right into his jaw. Latham didn't move or try to stop her either because he felt he deserved it or because he hadn't anticipated her move. Either way, the punch didn't phase him at all. It only angered his spirit. He grabbed the arm that flew at him and dragged her over to a table. There he threw her onto it with his hand still holding her arm down. He took the knife he still held and plunged into her captive hand. Kristy cried out as the shock of the pain took over her senses.

Latham straddled her form on the table and spoke with his face so close to her. "I did this for us! He was a threat and had to be removed!"

"He was a sixteen year old boy!" Kristy shot back, her own anger outweighing the pain in her hand."He wasn't a threat!"

"He loved you!" Latham shouted at her. "And eventually you'd realize that and leave me!"

Disgusted now by his reasoning, Kristy only wanted to get out and as far away from him as possible. How could she have fallen in love with one who could kill so easily? It was appalling and she needed an escape. So she did the only thing she could think to do. She kneed him in the groin and Latham doubled over off the table allowing her a chance to free herself. She pulled the knife from her hand with a cry because that hurt almost as much as the initial blow. She got off the table quickly because her time would be short. Then she knelt before the crumpled Latham.

She held his shoulder and then drove the already twice bloodied knife into his stomach without thought. "He's not the reason you lost me."

She pushed him, rose and ran from that room. She ran blindly through the dark hallway and up the metal stairs. She ran back through the basement to the next set of stairs. She ran through the main house and out the front door into the cold night leaving the door wide open without care. Her only concern was getting away. She had to get as far away from that house and that man as she her body could get her. She ran until she could not run anymore and fell to the ground unconscious.

Back again, Krislynn looked around the room. Her memories of what happened afterwards were very faint. She had woken up in a hospital bed and her hand had been bandaged up. There had been a lot of questions from the muggle doctors. What had happened? Who she was? Krislynn couldn't remember much of anything except questions and tests and more questions.

She let out another sigh and found herself walking to the exact spot where Adam had lost his life. There she knelt on the floor and said a silent prayer for her fallen friend.

Krislynn left the killing room once she had paid her respects. She would never return to this place again. This trip was meant to cut all ties with this part of her life. She was no longer that girl who lived for Latham's abuse. Latham was simply no longer, what happened to him she did not know. Krislynn had to now let it all go and stop clinging to the past so she could enjoy her new life. That was what traveling through the house of her nightmares was all about. Letting go of the past to live in the present.

Back in the basement, away from the killing room, Krislynn sat on one of the dusty plush couches. She needed to collect her thoughts and figure out where this trip was going to take her. It seemed to be going in chronological order but what happened next in her life didn't happen in this house. It happened in her final days at Hogwarts where she had been silently suffering from the loss of her friend and her lover.


Kristy lay on a hard cold surface staring up at the ceiling. Like so many times before she breathed silently awaiting what would befall her this time. The room was dark and she could not move her head at all to see what was happening around her. She could slowly see the room igniting in candlelight out of her peripheral vision and shadows danced along the walls but nothing more was visible until he loomed above her.


He was the new monster of Kristy's life and she craved his abuse more than ever since her and Latham had broken up. His fingers caressed the skin on her arm as if they were lovers and it sent a chill through her spine. She felt him lift her arm off the hard cold stone table and inspect every inch of the skin there while he placed gentle and soft kisses over it. She let out a quiet moan, wishing that this was more than what it was but could never be. Christopher had a true lover, she was only his plaything. She felt the pierce of his sharp fangs cut through the skin at her wrist. Hot blood flowed down her arm, that which escaped his ravenous hunger.

There was little pain when he did this to her. She had become accustomed to the pain of his bite. It hardly phased her or helped the aching inside her for Latham's touch. It was only a means to release that pressure within her but every time they were together it only made matters worse because she was too numb inside to care. He licked the remaining blood that ran down her arm and his face came into view with a sad smile.

"You don't scream for me anymore, pet," he informed her with a gentle caress of her cheek.

Salty tears dripped from her wet eyes. Kristy hadn't realized she had been crying through this ordeal. Chris was right, she no longer screamed or cared that as easily as he harmed her he could kill her. He might as well kill her because her life wasn't worth living anymore. She didn't care about school or her friends. Her only concern was that she missed Latham even when she shouldn't.

"Why do you come to me if I no longer satisfy your needs?" Chris asked her gently because although he was a monster, like Latham, he still had compassion for her as a friend. "You should just go now."

She felt the spell that held her in place release her but she did not move. Not yet. She needed to collect her thoughts and figure out what she did need from Chris if his infliction of pain no longer satisfy her. She wanted death. She knew that because death would release her from the suffering she was enduring. Would Chris kill her? He could, but would he really? She would only find out by asking.

She sat up from the table and patted the spot next to her. When he sat, Kristy took his cold hand in hers. He didn't want her to truly leave and she didn't want to go. Being with Chris, even like they were, was better than going back to the dorm room and being alone with her pain or alone with Libra. She couldn't stand the happiness her friend had with Dean Stewart.

"I don't want to go," Kristy informed him. "Chris..."


"Would you kill me?"

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and gave her a gentle squeeze. "Now why would I do that? You're my main squeeze, my favourite playmate. I could never kill you and lose what we have."

She sighed then because she knew she had been too hopeful. Why would any vampire kill a willing victim that returned often for torture? Why would he want to give up easy food? He didn't owe her any favours so why would he end her miserable existence.

"Oh...did I disappoint you, pet?" Chris asked her. "You know you are too precious to me."

"Too precious only because I'm an easy meal," she replied with such sarcasm she hadn't expected it to pour out and then she softened once more. "Please Chris..."

He let out a defeated sigh too. "I'll make you a deal. Take two days and think about it. If you still want this, meet me at the cemetery."

With the deal made, Chris took her already wounded hand and drank once more. "For the road," he winked and then disappeared into the darkened end of the room leaving Kristy alone with her thoughts once more.

Two days later, Kristy left school dressed in all black. A symbol in the non-magical world of death and mourning and soon that was what would befall her. She had thought about Chris' deal for two whole days she had done nothing but think and make lists and it all came down to one thing. She didn't want to live in this world without the man she loved. And she couldn't be with the man she loved because he was nothing but a sick and twisted monster who beat her up and killed the people she loved if they threatened their relationship. It was unhealthy to be with him and unhealthy to be without him so she would cease to exist.

Her heart raced as she walked along the dark road to the cemetery. Soon it would beat no more and her life would be over. Her pain would no longer live in her heart. She hoped that Latham would find out and then... She didn't know what she hoped he would do but she hoped he hurt like she did. Otherwise this was a pointless act and a waste of time but she had thought about it and it was the only option for her.

She reached the cemetery and walked through the gates. It was empty and quiet in there. Kristy walked along looking at the names on the tombstones and thinking that soon she would join them in their earthly beds. She stopped at one cemetery in particular and read the names. Tears formed in her eyes as she realized this was a child's grave, someone too young to die. Someone like her who had nothing left worth living for and had given up.

"So this is truly what you want?" Chris came from behind the tree and gazed at her.

"Yes," Kristy assured him and waited with her eyes closed.

She felt his arm around her waist first. Next she felt him move the hair from her neck and heard him take in her scent. It was very animal-like. She waited with her heart races knowing that soon he would drink from her until the last beat of her heart ran out. She was scared and she knew Chris could smell it off her. Soon she would be no more than a body lying in a cemetery.

"Last chance," Chris whispered into her ear and when she didn't resist his fangs pierced the skin on her neck and sunk in deeper than they ever had before. Kristy let out one cry of pain and quickly found herself falling into unconsciousness as her blood was drained.

Everything around her went black but her consciousness was still there, confused. She shouldn't have any thoughts left. She was supposed to be dead. Why could she see this black world before her? Why could she be thinking any of the things she was thinking? While she contemplated she could see visions of her life float around her like memories drifting in the wind but she could not grasp them with her mind at all.

She didn't know how long she had been living in this world of blackness. There was no essence of time in her void but it felt great to be there. She felt empty and without feeling. She didn't remember how she had gotten there but she was glad for it. Something inside her told her this was better than the world she had been living in. This empty black void was better than anything she could have hoped for. Until she heard a voice.

"Kristy," the man called to her. "Wake up Kristy."

She fought but eventually her consciousness won and she opened her eyes. She didn't know where she was but she was lying on something soft with a blanket covering her. She felt cold and hungry which was weird because in her void she had felt nothing. Where was she now? She looked around without moving her head and her brown eyes fell on someone she knew.

"Christopher?" she mumbled.

"Don't speak, drink," and he held a goblet to her mouth which she drank from hungrily and drained it."Better?"

"Did we both die?" she asked him now suddenly remembering her last moments before the blackness filled her.

"Sort of..." he trailed off unsure of himself and looked away only to turn back seconds later with a grim expression. "I couldn't let you die Kristy."

"So I'm still..."

"No. While you were dying I could see your life and your reasons for wanting death...I couldn't do it. You deserved a second chance at a better deserved your revenge."

She then realized what Chris was trying to tell her. He hadn't killed her. He had turned her. He had given her a way out that she hadn't thought of before. He had given her the power she needed to take control of her life. He had made her a monster like him and like Latham. Now she would be free to love Latham without being sickened by him because she no longer had a soul or a conscience...

Was this what she had wanted all along?

At the time Krislynn had wanted nothing more than death but as she developed as a vampire she realized that Chris had been right. Being a vampire would finally give her the strength and sense of acceptance she needed to have a real relationship with Latham that was about equality and not dominance over submission. That had been what she wanted but she hadn't ever thought that it might not have been what Latham wanted.

Krislynn pushed herself off of the plush couch and dusted her bottom off. She really shouldn't have worn new pants for this though she hadn't known exactly what she was going to do when she dressed that day. At least it was only dust and dust was washable, she reminded herself. She took one final look around the basement and headed back upstairs. She was sure there was nothing left for her in this room.

She climbed the stairs trying to decide where she should go next along her trip through her memories. Chronologically she should head to the living room because that was where her next encounter with Latham took place. That was where she found him when she returned to this house a new person so that is where she went next.

The living room furniture had been covered with plastic as if someone had intended on coming back for it some day. She shivered at the thought of one of the Vincit family members coming back while she was in their house. She didn't think she had the strength or willpower to stay in neutral territory around any of them.

Krislynn pulled off the plastic of one of the couches intending to sit on it without the years of dust collecting on her bottom but instead found herself being pulled once more into a memory she had anticipated on coming.


Kristy walked into the house with a new found confidence. Her black heels clicked as she crossed the marble floor with ease. Her extra sensitive senses could smell Latham nearby and she simply followed her nose into the living room where he sat in the recliner reading a newspaper. He seemed like an old man there sitting with the lamp on so he could see the text. She no longer needed that kind of light to see things.

She stood in the doorway of the living room watching him in a skimpy black dress and her hair down around her shoulders in it's natural curl. It was the way he liked it best and she knew he'd have trouble resisting her in what she had chosen to wear. That was the point after all. She wanted him eating from the palm of her hand when she was finished. But until that happened she enjoyed watching him until he noticed her and looked up.

"Kristy," the way he said her name always made her knees shake but today she held firm and did not reveal what effects his presence had on her.

"Hello Latham," she glided further into the room ensuring that she exposed all the right curves to catch his attention.

"You look different," he stated.

"Well, I have been through a lot," she informed him and then pouted. "Well, aren't you going to be a gentleman and come greet me properly?"

He seemed hesitant. Kristy could only assume that it was because the last time they had gotten close she stabbed him with his own knife. Then again, that could mean nothing now since things had changed so much between them. She tapped her foot with impatience which he must have understood because he rose from the chair and set the paper down on the seat then crossed the floor to her.

When he was close enough Kristy stuck out her hand impatiently and waited some more. Latham took it carefully in his and brought it to his lips. He must have noticed how cold her hand was because he seemed to shiver at her touch. That made her smile, something small and sinister. After he kissed the top of her hand he turned it over and examined the scar he had placed there.

"I never got to tell you that I was sorry...for this," he informed her.

She pulled her hand away and crossed her arms over her chest. "No, you're not, but I'll accept your attempt at an apology."

He let out a growl and stepped forward grasping both her cold arms. "Why do you do that?"

"Do what, Latham?" Kristy shoved his hands off her arms displaying the strength she now had, which caught him completely off guard.

"What happened to you?"he asked next. "You're different."

She laughed then. He was so...she couldn't even put words into her thoughts at the moment. Latham had know idea what he was messing with or who he was messing with at this moment in time. She continued to laugh though it was a forced laugh meant to irritate him and it worked. He grabbed her arms once more and shoved her into the wall. Kristy let him without a fight.

"I asked you a question, Kristy," Latham spoke again getting more angry. Then she watched as realization struck him dumbfounded and he let her go. He stepped back from her and the look on his face was almost horrified. Kristy felt dirty then. She hadn't anticipated Latham being horrified by what she had become but the way he looked now she'd never forget.

After a few short minutes Latham moved close to her once again. He placed his hand over her chest where her heart should be beating and waited in silence. His eyes burrowed into hers as he waited for a heartbeat that would never come. His fingernails dug into the skin around her heart leaving indents but causing no pain, just slight discomfort.

Kristy grasped his hand and pulled it from her chest. She did not want him hurting her anymore. This night was about her seeking revenge and rectifying their relationship. Nothing else would come from that. She held his hand from her heart and twisted it until he stood with his back to her and his hand forced behind his back.

"You're not human," he muttered but she could hear him as clearly as if he were shouting it from a rooftop."Why did you do this? What have you done to yourself, Kristy? Or are you even still my Kristy?" he seemed to be pleading for answers. Kristy let him go and spun him around to face her then shoved him onto the floor. He fell easily enough still shocked by her increased strength. There she stuck her heel on his chest and dug it in until he was silent.

"Here's how it's going to be," she told him sharply. "I'm still me and you're still you, only I seemed to have a way to overlook or accept your fascination with killing people. I'll still be your Kristy, if you'll have me, but the tables have turned in this little game of ours and I'm not as defenceless as I once was."

She released the pressure on his chest and watched as a small trail of blood pooled. "Are you in or out? Take some time and think about it." With that she walked away leaving Latham sprawled on the floor in shock.

Would he follow her? Kristy wondered that as she marched back across those marble stones and out the door. Once again she left it open just in case he needed an easy route to get to her. She doubted he would follow. Not after the look on his face after discovering she wasn't human. She had a feeling she wouldn't see him for awhile. And that was okay with her because she had this new life and if Latham couldn't accept it then she didn't want him in her life. And it felt great to realize that she didn't need him.

Krislynn remembered the feeling of exhilaration that she felt leaving that house even with the shadow of dread over her. Though she had tried telling herself how okay with not having Latham in her life she was, Krislynn had never really been okay with not having him. Being back in that house proved just that to her. She missed him even now that it had been years since she last saw him. He still held her heart.


A letter came to her while she was finishing the last of her exams. It was from a familiar owl that she hadn't seen in a long time. It fluttered excitedly around her head waiting for her to take the letter and Kristy hesitated. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know what the letter said. The owl grew more and more irritating as she ignored him. Finally, she took the little owl in her hands and removed the letter. She opened it.

My Kristy Lynn;

Meet me. I have made a decision.


She sighed. It was about time. It had been months since she had assaulted him in his own home and put forth her ultimatum. Now he was contacting her and her hopes were up that this would be it. Finally they would put aside their differences and be together. She hated that she was being frivolously hopeful but what else could she do.

Kristy grabbed her cloak and put on her shoes to leave. She left the Castle and found herself taking to the air on a broomstick. Something she didn't do often and didn't enjoy. It was the quickest way to get to the Vincit Mansion. She landed shortly after leaving and straightened her dress out. She headed into the house looking as divine as ever.

Latham stood in the kitchen wearing a pair of beige pants and a white button down shirt. He was cutting something at the counter and completely focused. But he heard her come in because as soon as she was at the doorway he started to speak.

"When we get married I want you to make me like you," he informed her and the sentence completely shocked her.

"What are you talking about?"

"As soon as we say I do I want you to turn me. Do you understand why?" he asked her finally turning to face her.

Kristy shook her head because she couldn't understand why he would want to be like her when he had everything. She understood her own reasons for becoming this but anyone didn't make much sense at all.

"Because I am not just offering you a lifetime with me. I am offering you forever. You'll never have to hunt again. I will kill for you and serve you fresh blood from my victims in a crystal wine glass on a silver platter like you deserve for eternity."


"Do you accept my request?" he asked her.

"I do."

With her agreement as a form of consent, Latham grabbed her by the waist and crushed his mouth against hers in a devouring kiss. Had she still needed air into her lungs she would have fought him for every breath she needed but that was no longer the case. She was no longer the weak girl he had owned and destroyed with his violence. She was stronger now. She could fight back and win.

He knew it too and she was sure that was a bigger piece to why he wanted to be a vampire. Whatever his true reason she would do it. She knew this even as she melted into the violent kiss he pressed on her. She would do anything to keep him and he was hopelessly lost without her. Without her he was just a cold blooded killer without a heart but he had feelings beneath his stone exterior. He felt for her and he loved her in his own sick way though most could not see the affections but she felt it in every touch violent or not. There was love between them like none other.

And when he kissed her the world around her went dark. He became the only thing she saw. So yes, she would turn him. She would allow this monster to become more powerful and to roam the earth for all eternity as her mate. She would curse this world for love, because what else would be more worth the sacrifice?

The tiniest notion of pain was shed over her and the feeling of something wet ran down her cheek. Then she felt the warmth of his breath against her cold skin. She shivered as he breathed into her ear.

"Your heart may not beat for me as it once did but you still bleed the same, my Kristy Lynn," and then she felt his tongue move across the cheek he had cut taking in the taste of her once more. As always it made her sigh with sick delight for no other man knew just how to awaken her senses like Latham did.

That was it. That was the last important memory that Krislynn had of this house. She took one last look around and then headed for the exit. There was nothing left for her here. Her last important memories of Latham happened outside of this house and that was all she had left of him. She headed for the door stopping only once more at the coat closet. Inside it she took out the tan leather jacket Latham used to wear and draped it through the strap of her messenger bag. She exited the house.


Everything was set now. All Kristy had to do was go to Aurora's and spend the night there and arrive at the hall to decorate the next morning. The only thing stopping her was leaving Latham that night. She didn't want to be parted from the man she loved on the eve of their wedding. She wanted to spend the night with him even though they both agreed it would be better to be separate tomorrow until the wedding that way there was no chance of creating any bad luck to befall their union.

He kissed the top of her head. "Go to Aurora's. Have fun with your friends because this will be your last night."

She knew he didn't mean that she would never see them again but she understood. Soon she would be a married woman and things would be different. It was such a weird thought. She never imagined herself getting least never so young as she was. She was barely eighteen in human years though she would never age a day in her life again.

"I will see you tomorrow,"Latham continued to assure her. "I'll be the one with the ring."

She laughed and grabbed the bag that held her dress. "I wish I didn't have to go."

He kissed her again. "As do I, but it's probably not safe to be here tonight anyway."

She arched an eyebrow at him curiously. Wordless messages passed through their eyes as Kristy understood exactly what he meant by the safety of staying there. Tonight was a night that could prove to be highly passionate and nobody wanted to be covered in cuts and bruises the day of their wedding. That included Kristy though she wasn't the shallow vain kind of person.

"Go," he urged. "Before I don't let you go."

With a final grin and kiss, Kristy left the house carrying her wedding dress. When she reached the boundaries of the house she transported herself to Aurora's flat. They didn't stay up late but the night and following day seemed to drag on and on. They had decided on a black and white theme because Latham wasn't big on colours. So that morning Kristy and her bridesmaids Aurora, Libra and Mariana set about decorating the hall and tables with black table clothes and white lace. They had vases with black and white roses on each table and white lights strung around the dance floor and along the aisle that Kristy would be walking up.

When they finished they had gone home to dress. Kristy was planning on leaving her hair down in curls because she knew that was his favourite style on her. She put on her dress and stared in the mirror at herself feeling both nervous and foolish while her bridesmaids stood around her. They each looked lovely in their dress and Kristy was quite happy that her closest friends could openly support her love for Latham. Libra handed her the bouquet and smiled.

"Shall we get you married?"she asked.

Kristy nodded and followed them out to the limo, compliments of Vincent Vincit. They climbed in and headed for the hall. The wedding director set the wedding party into a little room where he instructed them to wait because the groomsmen and groom hadn't arrived yet. Kristy felt panic rise in her throat while the girls tried to keep her calm throughout the wait.

She paced the little room with her black heels clicking on the wooden floor. Every now and then Libra would sneak out and see if Latham and his groomsmen had arrived but each time she came back with grim news that they were still not there. Kristy kept glancing at the clock on the wall. They still had ten minutes...

five minutes...

two minutes...

She was supposed to be getting married now and had no groom to meet her at the altar. They had set the date for four in the afternoon and it was now four fifteen. She sat down on the little couch in the room and put her head in her hands.

"I'm not getting married,"she said and then rose to exit the room.

She went into the hall where all the guests were gathered and slowly walked down the aisle alone with no one to meet her at the other end. Guests watched her with sorrow in their eyes for they seemed to know now that Latham had bailed. Kristy reached the altar and faced her friends and family. She stood before them posed and in control without a tear falling on her face and spoke.

"I'm sorry to inconvenience you but there's not going to be a wedding,"and then she left the building and that was the last time she saw any of the people she knew and cared about.

Tears stung in Krislynn's eyes as she remembered her failed wedding day. No other moment could compare to that humiliation. Nothing could ever heal the wounds of having the man she loved leave her on their wedding day. She would carry those scars for a long time but some day, like today, she hoped to find someone who loved her enough to make those dreams come true.

"Until that day," Krislynn spoke into the air and raised her wand. "Goodbye Latham Vincit," and she set fire to the Vincit Mansion as a last act to erase her past pain forever.

While she watched the house burn she felt something graze across her arm and then heard a whispered voice.

"It's time to move on Krislynn."