Heer wii stard

Az eeliterait az wii arr ztop

Wii arr eeliterat

Butt thhat ees nefar

Gana stup uz dai dau dawt

Nuot goona ztop uz

Frum Xpre sng

Hoo wii arr bie

Dansng kama Seengng dau daw dait

Pantng a colarfal wu erld ztop


We may be eliterait at tiems coma

But we are sinistarli takitiful stopp

Peopol even call us Sein Taks dah dah daht

Sumtimes stopp

We still are a parte coma

Sein Taks or not coma

Eeliterait stopp

Dansing coma Seenging duot duot duot

Paenting a collarful wurld stopp


We have been standing here for a while,

We may not be illiterates anymore…

But we will never forget our pasts,

Our roots and where we came from

Fore we once were the illiterates

The ones that said,

Without any hesitation,

"We are illiterate,

But that is never

Going to stop us from

Expressing who we are."