Author's note

this my first full length chapter and I hope it's a good one anyway thanks for clicking on the link and enjoy the story also got a little lazy with the ending dont judge what you don't know



"Welcome ladies and gentleman this is...THE GRAND OPENING OF THE JUNIOR DETECTIVE CLUB" A blond boy with hair that reached down to the middle of his back wearing a gakuran uniform but with the jacket unbuttoned showing a white shirt.

the loud voice echoed in the mostly empty room.

"I told you nobody would come" A boy with short black hair wearing glasses also in a uniform said sitting at a desk and typing on the only computer in the room.

"Well just you wait you'll see" The blond boy said confidently


The blond boy stood in the exact same spot as yesterday with a similar attitude with the boy wearing glasses still typing.


The blond boy leaned against the wall still upbeat but not as much as the day before with the boy with glasses still typing.


The boy sat on the ground against the wall having lost his upbeat attitude while the boy with glasses was typing.


The boy slept on one of the two couches he bought for the club room on its first official day sound asleep.

"Um is this the junior detective club?" a boy with very short black hair and tanned skin said as the door slid open.

The blond boy suddenly pulled himself off of the couch,as if lifted,"Why yes it is I am the present you can call me Akihito and the creepy guy with glasses over there is Gaku what can we help you with" Akihito said with a welcoming smile on his face.

"You take real detective cases right?" The tanned boy asked "Right you are Nakai my man" Akihito answered.

"What case might you be referring to?"Akihito asked "Well uh a friend of mine went missing a few days ago" Nakai answered.

"Rimiko Izuna went missing approximately 16 hours 4 mins and 34 seconds ago" Gaku added."Uh yes how did you know that?" Nakai wondered.

"My men Gaku knows alot of stuff probably by being on that computer all day" Akihito said."Cool wait uh anyway the police cannot start searching for her until 48 hours passed but I think that might be to late" Nakai said.

"And so you want us to find her for you correct" Akihito added "Yeah pretty much" Nakai said."As long as you pay our small fee of 25 dollars you will both happily jump into a pool of syrup for you" Akihito said.

"Nah just finding Rimiko for me would be fine"

"Pff suit yourself so why do you think 2 days might be too late to be looking for her?"

"Well I think I might know who took her"

"Really who might that be?"

"Kihano Grest just a glorified bully who was rejected by Rimiko too many times to count"

"I see well Nakai you can leave now we will start investigating"

"Thanks alot" Nakai said leaving the club room

Kihano walked the home laughing with his friends "Well guys I gotta go" He said as the group met a junction

"Sure you will be alright?" one of his friends asked

"Ill be fine mom" He said walking to the left as the rest of the group walked to the right

As he was walking a strange feeling came over him as if he was being turned around to see if anyone was there and he was met with complete silence.

He resumed walking still not feeling right he tries to shrug it off as he begun to hear kept causally walking until he suddenly turned around to try to surprise whatever was following him once again being met with silence.

He signed as he resumed walking again and turned a he pulled into a large bush by a man dressed in large black long coat black sunglasses and a black hat making it hard for anyone to recognize this person with all the black on.

"Where is she!" The figure commanded

"I dont know what your talking about!" Kihano whimpered

"Where's Rimiko!" The figure yelled

"What?" Kihano responded in confusion

"Answer me!"

"Ok ok! geez last time I saw her I was gonna try to ask her out again but a guy came along and they walked away talking I think she called him Hitsu"

"Thank you for cooperation with the junior detective club" Akihito said his black hat and sunglasses off and turning around to walk away

"Wait" he said turning back around "Do you know the nearest candy store?" he asked

"Down the street..." Kihano murmed not knowing how to react

"Thanks" Akihito said walking away throwing his black long coat over his shoulder

Kihano sped walked through the hallway pushing everyone out of his stopped infront of a door that was labelled "Junior Detective Club".

He kicked the door opened interrupting Akihito's and Gaku's conversation."You got some explaining to do Himaka!" Kihano yelled referring to Akihito's last name.

"Woah woah woah woah" Akihito said walking up to Kihano "Eat a sneeker your not right when your hungry" he said holding a chocolate bar in the air."It's your not you when your hungry" Gaku bluntly stated.

"It's your not right when your hungry I watched all of those commericals like a thousand times" Akihito answered

"Apparently not" Gaku repiled

"Shut up!" Kihano yelled in anger as Akihito looked the chocolate bar in his hand "You didn't eat a sneeker did you" Akihito said sparking a rage in Kihano.

"On a sidenote found a student by the name Hitsuto that attends this school maybe Hitsuto is his nickname" Gaku said

"Hitsuto? you mean thee Hitsuto?" Kihano asked in confusion

"You know him?"Akihito asked

"Yeah he's only the strongest delinquent in the state and king of this school"

"Oh could do you know where he's at right now" Akihito said about take a bite out of the candy bar in his hand

"Hey my sneezer!" Kihano whinned

"Well you didn't take it when I offered" Akihito said thawing it to him

"Anyway it depends on who's asking" Kihano said taking a bite bite of his sneezer

"The junior detective looking for Rimiko" Akihito answered


"Um' A boy said walking into the open door way

"Aw isn't it our favorite um-boy" Akihito said turning his head to Nakai revealing who he was facing to be Kihano

"K-K-Kihano!" Nakai said running away

"Sorry for his matters" Akihito said with a big smile on his face

As Nakai was running he looked back expecting to see Kihano chasing him

But saw Akihito with the same smile on his face running almost on his side

"Your Insane!" Nakai yelled as the both sped up

"Dont be so mean!"Akihito yelled tackling Nakai unconscious as if he was jumping to hug him

Nakai woked up in the club room "Ugh what happened"

"He's woke up!" Kihano yelled

"HAAAAAAA" Nakai yelled trieing to run away again to discover he's strapped to a wooden chair

"Don't worry Nakai im here so you have noting to worry about" Kihano said

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Nakai screamed about 10 times louder as he was hit unconscious by Kihano

Nakai eyes opened to see Akihito sitting infront of him

"Have you calmed down yet" Akihito asked

"I guess..." Nakai replied

"Great as we were trieing to tell you Kihano here has agreeded to helping us find Rimiko" Akihito said pointing to Kihano who's stand next to him

"I though Kihano was the one who took Rimiko" Nakai said

"Well apparently not but he gave us a clue on who did" Akihito replied

"Really who do you think it is" Nakai said in excitment making his hard more and causing him to drawback and goran

"Our prime suspect is a student named Hitsuto Kihano was going to take me to him just before you woke up again" Akihito said getting up and walking out the door with Kihano

"Im coming with you guys!" Nakai said trying to get up ,to rediscover that he's scrapped to a chair and to make a new discovery that his chair fell on the floor with no one to get him up

The two walked up a flight of chairs and through a door leading to the roof

Many thugs was scattered around the rooftop Akihito walked to the center of the roof and said "Where's Hisuto" Akihito said

"What do you want" A boy dressed in ripped blue jeans who's shirtless and wearing a sleeveless and thin black long coat jumping down from above the door walking toward Akihito

"I only tell that to Histuto" Akihito repiled

"Your speaking to him" Histuto said at this point being inches away from Akihito's face

"Where's Rimiko Izuna" Akihito said smiling

Hisuto smiled then begun to walk away from Akihito as he begun to laugh then he suddenly stopped "Did I say you could ask me anything!" Hisuto yelled turning around punching Akihito so hard that he flew back and crashed into the ground

"Himaka!" Yelled Kihano as he tried to inconveient but was stopped by the a thug which made him grind his teeth if he fought one thug and then this would turn into a riot

"C'm I know you wanna get me now" Hitsu said, with Akihito sitting on one knee ,He leaned his face down in the range of Akihito's fist

"Where's Rimiko Izuna" Akihito smiled as Histu expression changed and he hit and made Akihito fly back again

"You little piece of dirt!" Histu said stomping on Akihito mutliple times

As Histu tried to stomp on him again Akihito grabbed his foot and asked "Where's Rimiko Izuna"

Hitsu pulled his foot away from Akihito and put it on the ground "Why does that name sound familiar?" Hitsu asked himself out loud with a thinking expression

"Isn't that he the one Rocko always talking about" A certain thug said

"Oh yeah he never shuts up about that one it's insanely annoying he's always faking to be me" Histu said

"Thanks for helping the junior detective club" Akihito said getting up off the ground and wiping some blood off of his face

"You welcome,now get the hell off my roof!" Histu yelled

"Is that the place?" Akihito asked Kihano looking at the large wooden house cabin

"Yep it's the place it's pretty much abandoned by the cool so Rocko and his gang normally hang out there"

"If you say so" Akihito said walking up to the door and opened it to find A room filled with smoke and Rocko sitting against a wall similar to to way other thugs that was scattered around the room was doing.

Rocko took his cigarette out of his mouth and let out a blow of smoke after so he said "Who are you" Rocko asked.

"I'm Akihito lead detective of the junior detective club" Akihito said completely serious which Rocko spout a an uncontrollable laugh

"Where Rimiko Izuna my pal Histu told us you might know" Akihito said

"Histu's your friend..." Rocko said as he stopped laughing

"Well I don't even know who this Rimiko is" Rocko said as a certain young women in a closet that was in the room heard her name said she begun to rustle around trying to peek out the door

As Akihito heard a sound coming from the closet he begun to walk to it and was about to open it as Rocko grabbed his hand "It wouldn't be a good idea to go in there right now" Rocko said with some thugs stepping up

"I see I wont go in there but I don't know what my friend Kihano might do" Akihito said looking at Kihano

After a few seconds Kihano said "Yeah that's right maybe I just might want to see what is in this closet" Kihano said beginning to also walk toward the closet

Rocko's eyes was pinned on Kihano as he started to bite on his thumb which is a nervous habit for Kihano slowly opened the door a girl bursted out and fastly ran out of the cabin with her arms being tied together and tape covering her mouth she was fairly tall and had long red hair.

"T-that's Rimiko" Kihano said on the floor after he was knocked down by the girl."Damn it!beat them to a pulp!" Rocko yelled at all of the thugs in the cabin running out of the wide open door."You go after her after all she's the love of your life right I'll handle these guys". As Kihano saw the smile on Akihito's face he ran out of the door yelling "Right!".

"Now then" Akihito said looking at all of the thugs around the room as they all yelled running toward him.

Kihano finally caught up to Rimiko to see that Rocko had caught up to her as well and wasn't let her get away again.

"You see now I thought I could trust you" Rocko said pasting around

"I though we were past this past you trieing to escape every single minute of every day" Rocko said as Rimiko gave he a stare out of angry because she couldn't speak.

"Oh forget this we'll settle it when we get back to the cabin" Rocko said reaching a hand out to grab Rimiko as the word "Stop!" was yelled.

Rocko looked behind him to see Nakai standing there "Aren't you the gay dude that always around Rimiko?'."Who told you im gay!" Nakai yelled."Idioit gonna get himself killed" Kihano said.

"Go away mom and dad need to talk " Rocko said turning back to Rimiko "Hey don't push me aside" Nakai said walking up behind Rocko as Rocko's elbow flew back and hit his face causing him to stumple back onto the ground.

"Didn't I tell you to go away?" Rocko said intimidatingly making Nakai scared and making it show on his face

"C'm Nakai I didn't call you here so you here so you can run away again" Akihito said walking pass Rocko

"You again!" Rocko yelled turning his head around looking at Akihito

"You might wanna take a look back" Akihito suggested pointing behind Rocko

As Rocko turn around he was punched in the face he fell to the floor and covered his bleeding nose "Shit!"

"Kihano?" Nakai said looking at boy standing above him

"Stay put" Kihano said to Nakai

"No I wanna fight too!" Nakai said standing up

"Boy aren't you lucky to have two guys to stand off and fight a battle that they could never possibly win for you"Akihito said taking the tap off of Rimiko mouth

"Hey don't say stupid things like that Himaka!" Kihano yelled in anger

"What the hell is going on!" Rimiko demanded

"The investigation of the junior detective club" Akihito answered


"I don't care you two can go down together" Rocko said getting up off the ground

"Rocko!" Histu yelled walking toward the group

"Histuto what are you doing here?" Rocko asked

"Let me just ask one question did that blond boy say he was a friend of mine" Histu asked

"Uh yeah I think" Rocko answered

"So you caused trouble for someone you though was a friend of mind?" Histu asked now in front of Rocko

"U-u-u-um" Rocko stuttered in fear of what Histu might do to him

Histu uppercutted him into the air causing him to land about 500 feet away

"Guess my arm's a little tired he should have went farther than that" Histu said walking away until Akihito stood in his path

"Thank's for your assistance in the investigation of the junior detective club" Akihito said with a smile

"Yeah whatever" Histu said continuing to walk but hinting a smirk