My writing has improved and changed since I started writing The Legend of a Fighter, so I'm in the process of rewriting this story. Please check my profile for the newer version.

This older version will remain here for the people who want to read ahead as many of the details will change and the new version of Fighter may not match up to the old version of its sequel, Traitor.

I therefore ask for you to keep up to date with the updated version of this story, and apologise for any terrible writing you are about to experience.

Hey…is this getting through? I sure hope so or I'll have trouble getting this story out. Oh, I guess I'd better explain what I'm on about, huh? Currently, I'm psychically transmitting this across the country and hoping that someone's picking up. Of course, this may not be working and I may just end up waffling about my life for who knows how long for no reason. If you are picking this up, for God's sake write it down. Turn it into a book, or put it on the internet, I don't care. Just get the story out there. I owe it to an old friend. A brave friend who never really knew how much they menat to us all. I also owe it to all the others that lost their lives in that battle. I could go straight to it, but I think it would be better to tell this story properly.

Where do I start? The orphanage, I guess…