AN: So this is my original poem I hope you like it and reviews are wanted!

Don't Mean Much

On the cold tile I lay watching her back as she leaves.

Too weak and too tired to even get up on my knees.

Our dislike for each other tends to lean toward loathing.

Still I would never leave you if you truly needed help like it was nothing.

How can a person so young be this cold?

Do you not remember the day I saved you when you were four years old?

We were at a family friend's house,

And you were quiet as a mouse.

Till we saw the snakes in the bottom of the pool.

Which we thought was really cool.

You leaned too far forward and fell in the deep.

I didn't even stop to think.

It would take too long to grab a hook,by that time you would sink.

I went down the steps then swam to you.

Swimming was still very new for you.

Then I grabbed you from behind and swam back.

Once you were on the steps you started to hack.

I risked getting pulled under by you,

But I guess I don't mean much to you.

-Odette Ashworth