AN: So this is my original poem I hope you like it and reviews are wanted!


So much depends


A black cat in a tall hat

Lets loose Thing One and Thing Two

Cheshire grins at Alice and friends

With the Mad Hatter's hat he floats

Magical Kneazles ahead

I wake up, Fall out of bed

Sparkle, Sparkle, Mew, Mew

My Klepto Cat steals our shoes

Creep and Crawl, Cats know tricks too

Mine will Prairie Dog for food

Whistle, Whistle, Purr, Purr

Think of a cat with no fur

A dog barks the cat does too

A dead mouse dropped on you

Turkish Vans swim on the shore

Sea lions are cats of the sea

Curiosity kills cats

Pepe le Pew sprays perfume

Green eyes arise


-Odette Ashworth