Walking along the old marble floors, the young five year old was looking at pictures that were hung on the wall. Her long brown hair was pulled into two pigtails. Her green eyes shifted from photo to photo, not looking away from them. There were tons of memories, lots the girl didn't know of. It confused her in a way as she made her way down the hallway.

"Amity?" A voice came out from somewhere in another room. A woman with long red hair walked out with a pregnant belly. "What do you think you're doing?" A smile lingered on the woman's lips.

The girl, Amity, looked around as if she did something wrong. "Nothing, Mommy." Her gaze was now on a photo that was hanging proudly on the wall. "Mommy...who is that?" She pointed with her small fingers.

Her mom looked at the photo and didn't give her an exact answer. She just bowed her head to look at Amity. "Amity, how about we go make some cookies?" The best way to get out of this is by changing the subject.

Amity mind wasn't on the mysterious person in the photo. "Cookies!" She squealed and ran down the long hallway to the kitchen. The sound of her footsteps got quieter as she rounded a corner and waited.

With a sigh, Amity's mother looked at the photo. Her daughter pointed at something that wasn't in the photo. There was only two people in the photo and Amity pointed at someone, or something, that wasn't even there. Her heart started to speed up faster and then she was snapped out of her thoughts by her impatient daughter.

"Mom, hurry up!" Amity screamed in her squeaky voice. "I want some cookies!"

The older woman took one last glance at the picture before retreating towards the kitchen. -

"That can't be possible. She was looking at someone that wasn't in the photo?" A woman's voice asked from the other end. "Is Amity...seeing things, Cassandra?"

Cassandra thought back to when Amity looked at that photo. It couldn't be possible. Her daughter was seeing dead people. "I don't know, Julie. She was looking at the photo we took after...it was when we went down to the lake when we were nineteen." Cassandra let out a huff of frustration. "My daughter is human. She isn't anything else."

"You never know. She could be a Mourden." Julie shrugged from the other end. "That's what John was and is now."

Cassandra was about to explode with anger. "This can't be happening. Not to my daughter. I thought we all ended this years ago?"

Julie moved around a bit to get comfortable. "If she is a Mourden, then that means she isn't fully one until she's seventeen, Cassandra. So calm down. Sometimes this thing doesn't happen. Some people are lucky enough to not be this way." She bit her lip. "But...it is common for most Mourden's to become their angel-vampire self."

Tears welled up into Cassandra's eyes. "No...my daughter can't be one of these monsters. She can't be this way. I left town so that I could get away from this all. We all said we'd get away from this all. We banished the supernatural from coming back." A tear slid down her cheek. "I...If you think that this is a good thing, you're wrong."

"This is not a good thing. None of this is. I never said that it was good. But if the supernatural-"

"No. Stop talking. The supernatural are not allowed on the grounds of Crowsborough anymore. If they do..." The woman stopped talking when a screaming came from down the hallway, Amity's bedroom. "I-I'll call you back." She hurried to end the conversation. Without another look at her phone, she ran to her daughters scream filled room. "Amity?"

Amity was standing off in a corner of the room with tears running down her cheeks. Her face was all red and she was staring at something in front of her closet. Amity was still screaming and yelling at the invisible creature.

Cassandra stood there in complete shock, frozen in place. "Amity? Sweetie...are you alright?" She managed to un-cement herself from the wooden floorboards and kneel down to her daughters level. "Oh, Amity." She hugged her daughter tightly.

The young girl wrapped her arms around her mothers neck, her eyes still on the unknown figure. "Mommy..." She said through tears. "...she's standing right there."

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