harlequin girl

she constantly wondered what sunsets tasted like-
if it's anything like lemonade on a hot summer's day in june
or a cold coca cola topped with vanilla ice cream
(that she always thought was invented by her dad)
and if it's as salty as a butterfly's teardrop
or as sweet as a first kiss

every cloudy day, she would open her mouth
and show her tongue just to figure out the rain's flavor
and whether if it's as saccharine as the fragrance
of dewdrops on the grass or as bitter as the
aftertaste of an aspirin tablet

at nights, after doing her math homework
or studying for a science test,
she would open her window
to stare at the quilted sky and
she often pondered if the moon was ever lonely
from all the stars that surrounded it
and if it realized it was beautiful
even if it was different

sometimes, she mused over her reflection
and wondered if she was pretty even without make-up
and lip gloss and if boys would notice her
even when she wasn't like other girls
who wore tight tops and short mini-skirts
and she tried to imitate them once but ended up
looking like a cross between a clown and a zombie,
whichever was worse

and so, like any other story of a girl,
our heroine fell in love with a boy
but the aforementioned boy didn't even know she existed,
so she would sit by the steps of the stairs near the library
and wondered what sunsets tasted like;
if it's as sweet as teenage dreams
or as sour as unrequited love