six feet under the stars

i lie on my makeshift bed
of gasoline flowers
as i allowed myself to
staring dazedly at
my corrupted sky
and wistfully wishing for
a glimpse of your

but all i could feel
when i reached out
my arms
was the unfathomable darkness,
reflecting yesterday with its
cold touch

and i had this
twisted feeling
that i wasn't
because i could hear
a protracted melody
playing in the distance,
murmuring my name
as if the song was
titled in my memory

i hummed along as i stood up,
clicked the soles of
my faded chucks
three times
for good luck
and jumped from the old bridge,
crashing headfirst into
the murky water,
my body sinking hastily
because of the
heavy chains attached
around my feet

daylight began to
ripple inside my chest
and illuminated the bullet
holes within my lungs,
indicating another lackluster disaster;
another inconsequential moment
where i constantly felt sick
just by breathing

the air was
with the stench of rotting dreams
that the vigilante sun
just murdered as i buried
the arid corpses of valentine
lullabies deep within
my throat

i closed my eyes,
praying for heaven to
drown me with its tears
but all i could taste
was hell upon my lips
as i sink further,
six feet under
the stars


title credit to all time low