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I looked into the mirror today. I hated what I saw. I can see fat all through out my body. My legs, stomach, arms, it's just too much to handle. I walked onto the pink scale in my bathroom.
95 pounds
I lost 2 pounds over the weekend. Good, but not good enough. My target weight is 90 pounds. It used to be 100 pounds, but then I looked up how much a girl my height, 5'0, should at least weigh, 95 pounds, since i'm already at 95 I decided to lose 5 more pounds. I'm still fat and skinny is all I want to be. It wouldn't kill me, would it?

It was a nice, sunny Thursday here in Southern California. I was sitting at an old, burgandy table with my friends. They were all eating food. All I could think of is how many calories they were putting into their mouths.

"Hey do you want this orange?" Elizabeth asked me.
Don't eat it. You don't want to get FAT do you?
I shook my head,"No thanks, but can I try to opening it?"
I grabbed the orange and tried opening it. I don't know why I was doing this, maybe to show Matt that I was "eating lunch".

I was walking to the patio when I heard a familiar voice behind me.
"Hey Sophia."
"Hey Matt!" I said while smiling.
"You need to eat lunch today." He said with a serious tone.
I was shocked. No one has ever told me that before, well except him at the end of the school year last year. No once ever noticed I didn't eat lunch.
"I didn't bring any lunch money with me and besides, it's 10:45 and I'm still full from breakfast today."
I lied about the breakfast thing. I never eat breakfast. I never have time to...

"Sophia!" I heard Logan say as he was trying to get my attention.
"Oh what? Hi?" I said in confusion.
"Why were you staring at that orange?" Jimmy asked me.
"Oh I was just um, trying to open it!" I said with a pathetic smile.
"By staring at it?"
"Okay then. So are you guys going to the parade this Saturday?" Logan asked the table.
"I am! I'm going to be in it." Chloe told the table in pride.
"Me too." Carl said.
"We should all go together in a group." Elizabeth said.
"Yeah that would be so fun!" Miranda exclaimed.

As we were setting up our plans, Matt walked over to our table.

"Sophia, did you eat lunch today?" He asked me
I shook my head,"No. Why?"
"Do want these bag of chips?" He asked.
I looked at the bag of chips. It must have been 400 calories in that bag.
You need to be THIN! You are going to GAIN weight if you eat that.
"No thanks, I'm not hungry." I said, pretending to be satisfied as if I was still full from breakfast
"I want it!" Chloe yelped and reached for the bag.
"No." Matt simply said and walked away.
The table laughed at what happened.
"Oohh, I think Matt likes you." Elizabeth whispered.
"No he doesn't. He likes Camile. And why show it through food!?"
"Oh okay."

I tried listening to whatever we were talking about for the rest of lunch. My mind was too distracted.I wondered why he did that. It was nice that he cared about my eating habits but I didn't want to eat. I needed to be thin. And the only way to do that was not eating...