"Invitation to Hell"

We're fallen angels. We've all been cast out of heaven. We're cordially inviting you to follow us, follow me, as we lead you into the damnation of eternity. You don't have to hide, hell is here. Heaven doesn't claim you, we'll take you in. We have big dreams. We'll purify these grounds with an evil cleanse. This earth is unholy, we all sin. Absorb the evil, spit out the good. Jail those enlightened by the evil eye of Christ. Join the army. We'll destroy those very gates, we'll destroy the light. There is no hope. Destroy their faith in him. Introduce them to the purgatory, where suffering is ominous. We're all crying to a God that doesn't exist. How dare they deceive us with such Christian shit? They're making a fool out of us. I won't stand for it, we won't stand for it! Satanic pleasures & sinful desires, what more could you want. We're opening our doors to take you in. Revitalize your soul. Accept the request for heaven is a rather childish sin.