_ (Untitled Novel)

by Emma Neves

Chapter One:And So it Begins...

I wake up, with one of those feelings in my stomach. You know, the one where you know something bad is going to happen. Oh well, I guess. What can I do? I look over at my clock, and realize that it's noon. Seriously? Natalie always tells me I sleep too much. I guess she's right. I sigh, and pull myself out of bed. My ribs still hurt, from my tumble down the stairs at school yesterday. I get into my favorite outfit - my black Taylor Swift shirt, and skinny jeans. I put on the first two socks I see - orange peace signs, and reindeer. I brush my hair back into a braid, and put a bit of glitter in it. I go out into the kitchen, and smile at my Mom. "Hey Mom, I'm going to Natalie's!" I tell her.

"Okay, be back by 5." She tells me. I nod, and pull on my skates. I skate out of the house, grabbing a bottle of water on my way. I skate down the parking lot, and over the grass by my bus stop. I cross the street twice, and get to Natalie's house. She's sitting on her porch, smiling. I skate up to her house, and clomp up the steps. Wow, walking up stairs in skates is NOT easy. I think.

"News wasn't on today." She told me.

"Really?" I asked, sitting next to her. I pulled off of my skates, waiting to hear more.

"Really." She confirmed. "Mom was mad, too. Kaitlyn is at a cheer compitition, and it was supposed to be on the news. I bet Kaitlyn's mad, too." She laughed.

"Well, I do hope her team wins. I hope she comes back soon, because someone won't let me play with their hair!" I smile.

"Fine, you can braid it. But NO glitter!" She said. I smiled, and put her hair in a side braid - I call it the Katniss braid. "You done yet?" She asked, as I tested how it would look in a braided bun.

"Yes, I guess I am." I said, dropping it.

"Can we go to your house? My Mom's super cranky." Natalie asks me.

"Sure!" I reply. "I want to make a Kitty Elevator for Furball, anyways. You can help!" I said.

She smiled, and we skated back to my house, happy. It started to get sort-of dark, but not like, night-time dark. More of the... it's going to storm... kind of dark. We skated the last stretch of grass to my house, just as it started to rain. We sprinted inside (Which is... REALLY hard on skates!), just in time. Mom wasn't there, she left a note:


Went to the store, to pick up food & stuff. I should be back by 3, but if I'm not, there's Lunchables(TM) in the fridge, and there's Heath Bar pie for desert. Love you! :)



I sighed. Mom was never here, and when she was, she didn't pay much attention to me. Oh well, I guess it's not a bad thing. Natalie's mom pays too much attention to her, so I should be grateful. We grabbed my laptop, and headed to my room. We went on , and checked the weather.

"Uh oh..." Natalie told me, pointing to the band of storms heading towards us. I was scared of storms, and Steph was the only one who knew it. I started shaking a bit - I get nervous, really, really easy.

"Olivia, it'll be fine." She told me. I shook my head, and was still shaking. Furball hopped on my bed, and nuzzled my hand, scared herself. I petted her, and glanced out the window. The trees were bent to where they were almost touching the ground, and stuff was flying everywhere. There was hail pounding on the window, and lightning and thunder everywhere. I shuddered, and closed the blinds.

"Should we call Kaitlyn?" I asked Natalie.

"Yes - I'm worried about her - she's in Illinois, so the storms are over with - I hope she's alright!" Natalie told me. I nodded, and grabbed the phone by my bed. I dialed her number, but it didn't even ring.

"Nothing's going right!" I shouted, scaring Furball off of my bed. Natalie rested her hand on my shoulder, trying to calm me down. I sighed, and got on Facebook. No one was online, and the last post was 2 hours ago. What the heck? I think. I have around 200 friends, and I like about 1,000 pages. UGH. I think. I go to Fanfiction, and get on my Dance Moms Roleplay. The last post was a day ago, by Ginny. UGH! Same thing with Cowgirls n' Angels RP! This is... weird.

We sit for about an hour, me shaking, and Natalie comforting me, until the storm finally calms down, and it stops raining, and the sun comes out. Thank gosh. I think. We go outside, and walk to Natalie's house, carrying our skates. We got there, and go in. Her Mom's trying to call someone, and obviously isn't having any luck. I give her a sympathetic smile, and we go to Nat's room. We put on T102 on her radio, and climbed on her bunk bed. All we heard is static.

"Something weird is going on. Kaitlyn wouldn't answer the phone, no one was on Facebook, Roleplay, or anything, The news wasn't on..." I said.

"Well, we're going to get to the bottom of it." Natalie tells me.

A/N! How is it? If there are any errors with names, I'm sorry! I'm basing this off of a dream I had, so my friends are in here, but I don't want to use their real names! So yea lol! Please give me feedback! Constructive criticism is welcome! And a small note: My laptop doesn't have Microsoft Word, and Wordpad doesn't have a spell check :/ So sorry for any spelling/grammar errors!