by Emma Neves

Chapter 2 - The Explanation

I came home from Natalie's about an hour ago. Mom still wasn't back. We haven't figured out what's wrong yet. I don't like this. Her Mom said that I could stay if I wanted, since my Mom wasn't back, but I didn't really want to. I sat on my bed, with a notepad. In it, this is what I have:

Weird things going on...

News wasn't on

No one's answering their phones

NO cars are out driving around.

No one was on Facebook, or Roleplay, or anything.

Nothing's on TV, at all. Every channel has static.

This isn't just a huge coincidence, obviously. Something serious is going on. I heard our door open, and assumed it was Mom. I ran out, and was shocked at what I saw. Two lines of soldiers were marching into the house.

"Hello?" I asked. They didn't reply. I followed them through the house. They were taking almost everything, and putting it into weird black bags, that looked like a mix of tote bags, suitcases, and trash bags, but they were huge. They were taking toys, jewelry, even electronics! I ran out with Furball, and went to my best friend Natalie's house, in record time. I burst in, and I got weird looks.

"No time to explain! Get me anything that we can carry to my house, that you don't want to lose! Including toys, electronics, and jewelry!" I said. Natalie gave me a weird look.

"Why?" She asked me.

"I just said, no time to explain!" I said. Her Mom, Angie, went into her room, and emerged with some jewelry, and family photos. Natalie went and came back with her Taylor Swift and Hunger Games stuff, and her sister Kaitlyn's Justin Beiber stuff. Her little brother, Matthew, came back with his toy bow & arrows, and his fake sword. I nodded, and took a little bit of each person's things.

"Okay, we need to get to my house, now." I told them. "I'll explain when we get there."

We headed out, and made it to my house. The soldiers were gone, and were heading in the direction of Natalie's house. I motioned for them to come in, and they did. I gasped at what I saw. Everything but the TV, Computer, and phones were gone, besides furniture. Even our family photos.

"Now, can you explain what just happened?" Natalie asked me. I nodded, and sighed.

"About an hour after I came back, soldiers just randomly came in. They took everything but what you see here." I said. "So I ran to warn you guys, so you could get what you didn't want to lose. I figured we could hide in my house, until the soldiers left yours. Then we could go back." I said.

Angie, Natalie's Mom, looked at me, blank-faced. So did Natalie, and her brother, Matthew. "Really?" Natalie asked me.
I nodded, and glanced out of the window. The soldiers were on their way to Natalie's house, but stopping in every house along the way. This sucks. Bad. I left the window, and went into my room. The only things left in there were my desk, my bed, and my dresser. My dresser had new, boring, gray clothes in it. I have to be dreaming... I think. I try to wake up, but I can't. I know, this is reality. And I hate it.

A/N! Sorry it's so short! I just wrote it this morning! It's not very good, either :/ Again, sorry for spelling/grammar mistakes - I don't have spell check!