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The True Life of Lisa Piper

Chapter 1

I looked out on the meadow and sighed. My name is Lisa Piper and I was sitting in what I thought was one of the most peaceful places in the world. I stood up and brushed myself off. I was a seven year old girl with auburn hair and bright blue eyes. I wore a dress down to my ankles that I wore to church that Sunday morning. I began walking back to my cabin in the woods where I could smell my mother's famous blackberry muffins.

As I approached the little log cabin I heard my two brothers fight for what felt like the millionth time that day! I chuckled to myself as I crossed our garden to get to the door. As I reached for the doorknob I felt a strong arm wrap around my little waist and I giggled as the man behind me hoisted me up onto his hip and smiled at me.

It was father. He was a strong man with auburn hair and brown eyes. His scruffy beard scratched against me when I gave him kisses on the cheeks. His eyes always sparkled with happiness and mischief. He was now carrying me under one arm and a stack of wood under the other to feed the fire.

Father walked into the cabin and put me down safely on the floor. I saw him give mother a kiss and I looked around the room so I didn't have to see that. I saw all the trophies my brother had gotten from hunting. I walked up to one and read the inscription:

Cole Piper first place hunter.

I smiled at that and thought, 'That's my brother.' I was so proud.

Just then I saw that Cole and Bobby, my other brother who was two years older than me and three years younger than Cole, were fighting again over who got to sit where. Mother told me to go wash up for supper.

Mother is a beautiful woman. She has long blonde hair that she wears in a braid most of the time. She has beautiful blue eyes that would shine when she's happy and darken when she was in a negative mood. She and I always share secrets. I love mother so much.

Bobby and Cole look like twins but are three years apart. They both have wavy blonde hair and big brown eyes. Bobby is just an inch shorter than Cole and they both like the same things which is why they are fighting all the time. Bobby was jealous of Cole because of his trophies and the skills Cole has to get them. But he won't admit it.

After I washed up for supper we all sat down to eat. Before we ate we all joined hands and pray a thanks for our food to God. After Grace we started eating we had baked beans and chicken from the hen house outside.

After supper it was getting late so I had to stay in to help mother clean around the house. The boys got to go out and do things like visit the neighbors. I wanted to visit Clayton James Truscott, our next door neighbor. He was seven like me and was my friend. I played with him one day and he told me he would always be my friend. I told this to mother but she just laughed and shook her head at me.

When it was time for bed I was a bit sad. I wanted to go back to the meadow and sit. 'Oh, well.' I thought as I drifted off to sleep. 'Tomorrow.'

That night I had the most weirdest dream I have ever had! It had a unicorn, my best friend, cotton candy and a turtle. My best friends name is Molly Hendricks and I think she is the best friend anybody could have. She's tough and kind at the same time.