Title: Frozen at Midnight

Summary: "One of them on our turf!" There was a way that his eyes changed color, and the way his body froze. She was one of the others, her face the same pale as the rest of them. This wasn't right. "You're not supposed to be here."

In the halls of the Sullivan residence, sleep reigned over all. The youngest had shifted in her bed, still blissfully under slumber's spell, and her dreams were full of color, which was as it should be, the others too were knocked out, taking a break from mingling with the rest of the world's creatures. The sun had yet to cast her gaze on the house, and it remained as so, even though it was well past morning and moving to noon.

It was of an unnatural cause for some people, but for the people who resided in the Sullivan estate, it was no trouble finding out who did it. She rarely made her presence known, but when she did, it was big. Just like the rest of the family, they liked it fancy and ostentatious… not that when she did appear, you'd realize it for you'd be frozen.

The time keeper necklace rested against her neck, her black hair in two customary low pigtails. Brown eyes scanned the room before it landed on the sole being that was not frozen or sleeping.

Clarissa Sullivan looked up from the book on her lap, her black hair up in her usual ponytail. She felt the way all time and presence froze around her, and she found it amusing that she was the only one immune to her dear cousin's abnormal control. This visit didn't mean good news though, and she knew by the way her face held a bored look. Her dark eyes cast over the other person in the room, hands clenched into an automated fist.

"You… can't be serious."

"I'm afraid I'm trying to be."

"But you can't do this."

"It's not really my decision." Catherine De Blois sighed and withdrew into the confines of the hanging chair, head lolling against the shell. She fingered the necklace and let out a soft sigh. "It seems like the transfer will be permanent. Don't look at me like that Clarissa, you know as well as I that she has nowhere else to go. She's our kin, family, and we don't let them down or let them fare by themselves. She is welcomed here."

Clarissa ignored Catherine's little speech and stared at the window with a withering glare. "She'll be dead in ten seconds. She has not been trained, has not lived here long enough to know the rules, and has not shown any trace of supernatural traits in her seventeen years of existence. I find it troublesome that your father decides that she should just, oh, come back to the estate, skipping on sunshine and spewing rainbows for the hell of it."

"Please." Catherine relaxed, seeing that Clarissa was no longer looking like a wild panther ready to strike. "Give her a little credit; she won't die in ten seconds, I'd give it a week, she's a Porter after all. Besides Clarissa, that's underestimating your own cousin, twice removed. I think you should just let things go as they should. Don't bother yourself with getting into these things head first. The council's been up to no good ever since you and I turned eighteen, and you have heard of the prophecy. So just relax, time will take over and before you know it you'll have Michael in another death grip."

"You don't seem to take your job seriously." Clarissa went back to her book and turned the page from where she'd finished reading. "Sometimes I wonder why you're the leader."

Catherine chuckled quietly from the hanging chair and unfroze all. Life came back to the residence and the sun began to shine yet again. "I wonder that too cousin, I wonder that too."

"You have everything you need my darling. If you ever have any trouble, don't hesitate to call for help, though I doubt you'd ever find yourself alone for a second. Don't resist your cousins, all right Erika?"

Erika Porter smiled at her mother and nodded. She cast her eyes down in a sort of shameful reaction. Jamie Porter was incredibly beautiful, and Erika practically looked like her. Same long ebony hair and chestnut eyes that seemed to glow black in the dark. The only difference was her mother carried an air of confidence she could never attain, and she understood that, and wasn't ashamed of how she presented herself, she was quite content.

"Good luck Erika." Jamie gave her daughter one last hug before letting her get into the plane. Erika's walk through the long tunnel and made her way to her designated seat. It was her last time on a plane for a while since her mother had stressed the fact that her stay with her cousins would be long. She wasn't even given an exact date of her return so she doubted it was some time soon.

The flight attendants went through customary emergency procedures but she didn't bother to listen for she'd heard it a million times. Instead she lapsed into a silence wherein she just laid her head against the window and thought of her cousins.

'Clarissa, Catherine, Kenneth, Michael, and Jeremy… How much have they changed?' Erika hoped it wasn't too much. She remembered a lot about her cousins, and found it odd that among the two families; she was the only one of their generation to live apart from them. Shaking off the thought, she just went back to pondering her little 'clan'. She belonged to three, respectively; the Sullivan's, the De Blois family, and the Porter's.

The De Blois family had always been in their family line, her uncle and Jamie's brother its new head leader. They had three heirs at the moment.

Erika laughed, the way she was describing her family in her head made it seem like they were some cult or something.

Kenneth and Jeremy were twins, two years older than her and Catherine, their little sister, had just turned eighteen last March. Erika was rather ashamed she didn't even greet her cousin when the eighteenth came and she hoped her long overdue present was all right.

Though Erika wasn't really close to Kenneth or Jeremy, she and Catherine used to play together when they were younger, dressed in some of Jamie's very own creations and she remembered she had had so much fun. Still, there was a rift between her and the De Blois family members and she could not understand why.

She did favor the Sullivan cousins, Michael and Clarissa. Clarissa was the elder sister, and rather very nice and playful. She was always smiling or laughing, though she was older than the bother Catherine and herself. Clarissa had been the glue that held them together as children and her brother, who was a year younger than her, was the life of the party.

Michael was an anomaly. He would sometimes be so playful he didn't make sense or he was so serious he too did not make sense. He was a little detached and didn't tell his cousins that much, but he and Clarissa were closer than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich mashed together with a hammer.

Erika's stomach lurched as the plane turned and got ready for takeoff and her mind momentarily left her cousins and concentrated on not throwing up the cookies her mother had made her eat before she left.

Deep down though, she was excited. Missing them for seven years could that to a person.

"Will you quit the pacing? You're making my head hurt." Jeremy De Blois glanced up from his glasses, brown eyes glowing with concern. There wasn't a day that went by where his siblings didn't fight, though he couldn't really understand the need for their quarrels.

Catherine and Kenneth have had a sibling rivalry over the years and for some reason it just couldn't be blown away. It wasn't just a phase in life, and the family had learned (very recently) to just let it be. They knew getting involved would be messy; the time keepers had much power to be used, and since they weren't legally allowed to mess with time and space, they had it on reserve and they were quite literally ticking time bombs, which was why it wouldn't be smart to get into one of their fights and have the power used on you.

"Can I help it if I'm nervous?" Kenneth De Blois ran a hand through his short black hair and glanced at the huge clock sitting on the mantle. "She's coming over, and with the solstice so close… you can't blame me for being on the edge. She doesn't belong here; she's only going to get hurt."

"You sound just like Clarissa. God! Why do you people have to be so paranoid? She's a Sullivan-Porter-De Blois descendant. She might just be a late bloomer but she'll get her powers soon enough." Catherine stuck her legs out and swung her chair back and forth. In the De Blois residence, each room had a custom made swinging chair reserved only for the girl (what she wanted, she got), the same goes for the Porter's house (minus the personal rooms though Michael and Clarissa have swinging chairs in theirs for Catherine's comfort).

"We aren't being paranoid." Clarissa came through the window, ponytail swinging haphazardly as she threw herself into the room full force. Her feet stuck against the ceiling and she stayed there walking parallel to the ground. "We're just worried because as you said, she's flesh and blood. Flesh and blood that has not been trained to fight. She could be taken as a hostage and by damns, with you as the leader you'd give up the fight for her safety."

"You'd do the same." Michael Sullivan came in much the same fashion his sister did, though he lacked the finesse Clarissa had when she took the dive in through the window. Instead of latching himself to the roof, he simply took to staying on top of Catherine's swing, so he too could be swung about.

Jeremy sighed and prepared himself for the trouble the Sullivan cousins would bring. It was a good thing that the living room was soundproof otherwise the rest of the De Blois family members would be up their ass for creating such a ruckus at two in the morning.

"There's such a thing as a door you know." Catherine lounged in her chair and glanced up at Michael who yawned and shrugged.

"Too much effort."

"Lazy ass."

"Why are you so cranky all the time? You're usually the mellow one."

"She's as jittery as the rest of us. She just hides it better." Clarissa walked around the room via the ceiling, hands on her hips and eyes staring straight at the door. She turned to Kenneth. "How long have you been waiting?"

"Approximately sixteen hours." Kenneth gripped his time keep necklace and had a ghost of a grin on his face. "We froze it so that the rest of the house couldn't worry. The Sullivan residence was frozen too."

"Yeah, well too bad we aren't affected by your magic." Clarissa let her arms fall, though due to gravity they were reaching for the floor. "I would like to escape reality for a while just until Erika makes it here."

"What's the problem with Erika being here anyway? She's a Porter. They're mentally quick and the strategists of the family." Michael dropped down from Catherine's swing chair and successfully tipped her out of it, causing the girl to yelp in indignation. "It's not like she's going to be in the battle field any time soon."

"What the hell are you doing? Get out of my chair!"

"Finders keepers, loser's weepers."

"Argh!" Catherine glanced up at Clarissa and sent her a begging glance to get Michael out of her place of comfort, which had been ignored by the raven head as she directed a question towards Jeremy, who was still reading his book.

"What do you see Jeremy? Will her arrival be good for any of us?"

Jeremy took his time in answering her; though they all knew those glasses weren't for show. Jeremy had an interesting power, where Catherine and Kenneth inherited the De Blois' powers of slumber as well as time freezing, Jeremy was an extremely rare clairvoyant. One of the best of their generation.

"Patience Clarissa." Jeremy sighed and went back to his book. "You'll get what's coming to you."

"You still aren't answering my-."

"You lack patience cousin." He flipped a page. "I was just about to answer your question when you interrupted me. Anyways, it will be of some benefit. For one, my siblings will learn to get along, those two idiots (he glanced at Catherine who was trying to pull Michael out of her chair) will come to an agreement and stop insulting each other and when the time for battle comes you and Michael will get to use your pent up energy against the dumb-ones."

Clarissa grinned. The 'dumb-ones' were their enemy, the opposing clan that attempted to wipe their own. It had come to an agreement that they just couldn't keep killing one another, knowing that all their abilities matched. They'd agreed that once every year, one whole week would be dedicated to a match of some sorts. The rules were simple, in the field, anything could happen, death was no problem. You enter the field; you were laying your life on the line. You die, you will be honored, you live, well, you had the chance to see the next morning. Either way, it scared neither side. There was a thrill to fighting, and they all knew it.

"You got her excited." Kenneth groaned, momentarily stopping his pacing and glancing at Clarissa on the ceiling. "If she destroys the house with her supernatural strength I'm not helping bring it back."

"I'm perfectly… calm." Clarissa blinked and everyone could see the clear way her eyes changed from black to red. Her hand clenched into a fist and she almost threw it against Catherine's swing chair to get her brother out of it so they could go for a few throws, but was stopped when a quiet knock came to the door.

Catherine momentarily left Michael alone, but he came out of the swinging chair voluntarily, a smile on his face (Michael: 260, Catherine: 258). They raced to the door, Kenneth and Jeremy settling to walk leisurely after them.

Michael had reached the door first, and was about to throw it open when Clarissa dropped down from the ceiling and did it first.

Beyond the archway stood a surprised and wide-eyed Erika at the sight of a windblown Catherine and Michael, overly happy Clarissa, and Kenneth and Jeremy walking sluggishly towards them.

Awkwardly, she played with a lock of her hair then waved. "Hi?"

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