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Hi, my name is Sarah James and this is my story.

I was only 9 years old when my life changed forever. I taken from home. I was kidnapped by someone. I was just you're average Tennessee girl. I loved horses. I lived in a small town and lived in a home with my parents and younger sister, Leah.

I had a neighbor named Nathaniel Anderson. Nathaniel lived alone and had no body. He was obviously older that me. He had dirty blond hair, blue eyes, tall, and had muscles. He had cooties. Yuck.

Nathaniel soon became a friend of my dad. My dad would invite him over and him and my dad would talk for hours. Nathaniel would sometimes play with me and Leah. Leah was 2 years younger than me. She looks a lot like me except for height and eye color. Together we'd play hide and go seek, tag, etc. He was goofy and made me laugh.

One day, Nathaniel, Leah and I were playing tag when Nathaniel approached me; he grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye. "If you need anything you come and call me." He said.

"Okay?" I said confused.

"Promise." He said.

"Promise." I said.

As time went on my dad had developed a drinking problems. I remembered that he and my mom would have a screaming match at each other and he would hit her. I'd cry and cry. One day my dad heard me.

"Listen, you son of a bitch, come here." He roared. My dad was tall, had a small belly, a beard, shaved black hair and dark brown eyes. He had on a pair of baggy light blue pants on and a muscle shirt. He approached me.

"No." My mother shouted. My mom was tall too but had blond long hair, dark blue eyes, thin lips, high cheek bones, and pale skin. She was pretty. My mom had on blue striped pajama pants and a blue bathrobe around her.

I trembled as my dad walked towards me. "Come." He said as he grabbed a bat.

"Don't touch her!" My mom shouted. She ran towards my dad; he turned and whacked my mom on the leg.

"What you gonna do now?" My dad shouted.

My mom cried and shouted at me, "Run! Don't look back run! I love you!"

"She's gonna get it next." My dad turned and jogged towards me. I was fast enough and ran out if the house as fast as my little legs took me. I thought of Leah. Leah was asleep when it happened.

I ran to the corner of the street. It was night. The sky was dark and the crickets were out chirping. I saw Nathaniel. I felt relief!

"Nathaniel!" I cried.

Nathaniel looked at me with surprise and said, "Sarah? What are you doing out late?"

"My parents had a fight." I said.

He squatted and opened his arms; I ran into his arms. "It's okay."

"I'm scared." I said.

"You don't have to go back." He said.

"I don't." I sniffled.

"Have you eaten?" He asked.

"No." I said.

"I'll take you to eat." He said smiling.

He took me to a restaurant in his car. I ate while I talked. Nathaniel would make me laugh and smile a lot. He reached over and grabbed my hand.

"You're safe with me." He said. I nodded.

In the car, Nathaniel drove and drove to an unknown destination. "Where are we going?"

"Somewhere." He answered.

"Where?" I asked.

"A place where we'll safe together." He said.

My eyes felt sleepy; I leaned against the car's window and fell asleep. I woke up in a room that I didn't know; I felt scared. The room was big, painted sky blue, a huge bed, a TV, a walk-in closet and a large window. Nathaniel walked in.

"Good morning." He said. I knew I wasn't home.


Nathaniel tried to make me happy. He would play games with me and do other in things. We lived in a house with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathroom. The surroundings of the house was pure grass and wheat. The property was huge; Nathaniel said the property was 83 acres long. It was just me, him and 83 acres.

I wanted to go back home so badly. I cried. I whined. Nathaniel sat me on the grass outside and stroked my cheek with his thumb.

"It's bad to go back. You're here with me. I'll protect you. I'll hold you. I'll love you." He said.

"But, I want to see my mom and Leah." I said.

"They don't want to see you." He said.

"How do you know?" I asked him.

"They told me to take you away." He said. Tears stung my eyes; I let my tears fall freely.


One day, I was playing the with Nathaniel. I tagged him and he chased me.

"You can't catch me." I taunted.

"I will." He said.

"No." I said. He tagged me.

"I caught you." He said.

"Not fair." I complained.

He shrugged, "Catch me."

I ran after him. He ran very fast, but I caught up to him and tagged him. I sighed and fell on to the pile of leaves me and Nathaniel piled up earlier. It was fall and the leaves turned yellow and fell to the floor. Nathaniel joined me.

"I'll tired." I said.

"I know." He said.

Mu stomach growled. "I'm hungry."

He laughed, "I know."

"I want food." I said.

"I'll make you a deal: kiss my cheek and I'll make you food." He said.

I didn't think about; I kissed his cheek.


I was eating cereal in the kitchen when Nathaniel walked in from the room.

"Hi." I said cheerfully.

"Hey." He kissed my cheek.

"Do you want cereal?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I have to do work today."

I pouted, "Again?"

"I try to hurry because I want to spend time with you." Nathaniel said.

"I know." I said.

"I'll see when I'm done." Nathaniel said.

"Okay." I said.

"See you soon." He pecked me— on the lips.


I was urinating in the bathroom when I saw red stuff in my urine.

"Nate!" I yelled. Nate came running.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I'm bleeding." I said.

He smiled, "It's nothing to worry about."

"I'm bleeding." I repeated.

"I know. Under the sink is a box of pads, there's instruction." He said.

"Okay." I said.

"I'm proud of you." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

"My little bride is growing up." He said.


I was in bed trying to fall asleep. I looked at the window and looked at stars.

"You can't sleep?" Nate asked.

I jumped. "How do you know I was awake?" I asked.

"I can tell." Nate said. Nate slept next to me. He never touched me the wrong way and kept his distance. He slept next to me ever since I was 9.

"Oh." I said.

"Are you thinking about something?" He said.

"No." I said.

"The night looks pretty." Nate said.

"It does." I agreed.

"The stars are shining." Nate said.

"Yeah." I said.

"Remember the constellations I taught you?" He asked. Nate homeschooled me.

"Not really." I said. I wasn't a big fan about constellations.

"I'll show you." Nate said. Nate pointed out the Big Dipper and other constellations I can't remember. Eventually, Nate slowly placed his arm on my waist. I didn't knew how to react so I froze.


It was late. Nate and I were watching Titanic on the coach. I was eating popcorn, while I had tears in my eyes.

"It's just a movie." Nate said.

"It's just sad." I said.

"I know, come." He patted his shoulder;I leaned against his shoulder. "Better?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said. I continued watching the movie as Nate stroked my long blond hair. I looked at him. "Is there something wrong?" I asked.

Nate turned and looked at me; our faces were inches away. I felt chills down my spine. "Everything is perfect."

I smiled. "Okay." Nate continued to look at me, and I looked at him. Nate slowly leaned in; I back away.

"No." He said. He scooted close to me and stroked my jaw line with his index finger. "Stay." He whispered.

I stayed still. Nate leaned in, and his lip touched against mine. His lips slowly moved against my lips; I mimicked him. Soon, our tongues touched. His tongue was wet and unfamiliar to me. I tried to avoid for my tongue to touch his, but he would search for my tongue. I pulled away from Nate, but he leaned in quickly and drew me back into a kiss. I soon gave up and let him kiss me. Nate leaned in more which caused my mouth to open wider. I felt Nate smile in our kiss. Nate leaned in more. I had my palm flat on the space behind me. He leaned in more. I pulled away. He smiled. I knew there was no escape.

I laid in the couch and Nate laid in top of me. He kissed me but more deeply. I felt something stir inside of me. Nate pulled back and smiled. He kissed my cheek and my neck. He leaned in and kissed me again. I don't knew what took over me, but I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him with everything I had.


I wake up from the sunlight passing through the window. From the window, I see a tree with two birds happily chirping,

Nate's arm is around my small waist. I gently push his arm off me and get up. I slowly walk to the exit of the room, but Nate wakes up.

"Sarah." Nate said frighten.

"I'm here." I said.

Nate sighs in relief. "I'm glad."

"Good morning." I said.

Nate gets up and approaches me. Nate has on red shorts and a white muscle shirt. He gives me a quick peck. "Mmm." He said. He grabs my waist and pulls me into a kiss. The kiss was long and wet. I'm use to Nate's kisses. I remember I was very uncomfortable when Nate use to kiss me. But, now Nate kisses me a lot, so I got use to it even though I get the chills sometimes. I wrap my arms around him. I pull away and release myself from his grasp.

"What? I don't get a good morning?" I asked.

"Good morning." He said.

"Finally." I said. Nate walks towards me, and I take steps back until my back touches the wall. I looked at Nate's face. Nate has a tan square jaw, blue eyes, thin lips and a medium size straight nose that slightly went upwards. He's tall with toned arms and a strong stomach. Overall, he was handsome. He has no wrinkles, even though he was 31.

Nate had told me once when him and I had a conversation about age. I realize that he's twice my age. I'm sixteen.

I have long blond hair that reaches to my mid back, slightly pale, mossy greenish and brownish eyes, thin lips, thin eyebrow and small straight nose.

"I agree." He said. He pecks my lips and releases me. We've never done a nothing than beyond kissing; I plan to keep it that way.

I gather my clothes from my closet and head to the bathroom. I take a shower, brush may hair and out on my clothes. I gather my dirty clothes and head out of the bathroom to start my normal day.