A week later came Adelaide's first day of classes. She had months before read up on how the first few semesters of college could feel a little overwhelming, so she decided to take it slow, and registered for only 3 courses.

It was a pretty reasonable schedule.

Intro to Screenwriting Fundamentals: 9:45 am – 11:15 am. Monday and Wednesday

Intro to Dance: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm. Tuesday and Thursday

History of Western Civilization: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Monday and Friday

There was a couple more weeks before her dance class started, so for now Adelaide only had to deal with screenwriting and history. Sounds pretty simple. That morning, she sat there in her room, dressed and ready, just waiting for the right time to head out.

Being the overachiever that she was (though she'd never refer to it as such), the blonde had been awake 3 hours prior to her class starting. Right now, it was 7:30 am. Megan's classes had started earlier, so she was out the door before her roommate even woke up.

Feeling anxious already, Adelaide let out a sigh, and fanned her face with her hands.

"Alright. You can do this. It's your first day. And you're gonna knock 'em dead."

That wishful thinking made her want to go to class now, perhaps impress the professor with her earliness. But, the more she thought about it, the less appealing it seemed.

After sitting there a few more minutes, thinking of what would be best to do, Adelaide remembered how good that latte Megan had bought for her yesterday was, and decided she was up for another one.

Starbucks first. Then class. Maybe she'd even see that Richard guy there. Not that she really cared, though.

When she got to the coffee shop, and approached the counter, instead of seeing the dark haired boy from before, the cashier today was another guy. He was pretty cute looking too. Blond hair, gray eyes.

"Hi, how are you?" he asked politely.

"Great. Thanks." Adelaide replied.

He smiled at her. Something about his look reminded Adelaide of Heath Ledger. Or Kurt Cobain. He couldn't have been either though, since the name tag on his shirt read "Eddie".

"What'll you have?"

"Uh, can I get a cinnamon dolce latte, please?"

"Certainly. That'll be $4.37."

Adelaide was just about to take out her wallet to pay him, when her stomach growled. It would probably be a good idea to get some breakfast as well.

"Oh, and could you add a bagel to that order?"

Eddie chuckled. "Sure. Now, it's 6.89."

The platinum blonde took out her money and paid the man with a ten, allowing him to keep the change.

"Can I get your name, please?" he asked.


"That sounds pretty tough to spell, how about I just write "Addie" on the cup?"

"A-D-E-L-A-I-D-E." She sounded pretty annoyed spelling it out.

"Hehe, okay. Sorry." Eddie laughed.

Once Adelaide's order was up, she bid the cashier a farewell. For some reason, she kind of wished she saw Richard there. Just to say hello, of course. Whatever. At least she met another cute guy. He seemed to be a bit older than her, though. Her guess was around 27.

Pushing men, out of her mind, Addie wolfed down her bagel, chugged her coffee, and headed down to the campus.

It was a beautiful college. Several buildings everywhere, flights of stairs, grand pillars in the hallways. Everything was professional. Adelaide had always been fascinated by the Roman style architecture universities always seemed to have.

Her first class went by smoothly. The Intro to Screenwriting professor, Mr. Coleman, was a pretty cool dude. In the first half hour, he'd already explained to them one of the most important things in screenwriting by quoting Polonius from Shakespeare's Hamlet; "Brevity is the soul of wit".

Adelaide got some interesting notes on how pacing should always come into account when writing a script, and that even some of the screenwriter/director's favorite scenes can end up being rewritten, cut from the final film, or even omitted from the script entirely before shooting commenced.

But, enough about that. Brevity is indeed the soul of wit, is it not? To continue the story, after the class had ended, it left Adelaide feeling more inspired than ever. She figured since she had at least two and a half hours before heading to her next class, she should go down to the campus library and do research on something; just to get herself inspired, and possibly get a head start on her future required courses.

After surfing the internet for famous filmmakers ranging from Steven Spielberg to James Cameron, Adelaide's search eventually landed on the bio of an actress named Paula Garcés. She read about how the actress had become pregnant at the age of 18, and despite being weighed down by much adversity, she had been able to pursue her dream and become an actress.

"Wow." Adelaide thought to herself. It was an inspiring story, but the blonde couldn't imagine being pregnant at an age that young. She couldn't end up that way. Her dream was too big for things like that.

When 2 o'clock came around, Adelaide was in her next class, front and center. History of Western Civilization. Doesn't sound too interesting, does it? Oh, well, perhaps Adelaide could use the lessons as material for a film one day.

Her instructor for this course, was Professor Williams. A bespectacled African American woman with dreadlocks. She looked and spoke like she had the potential to be an enjoyable lecturer (if there is such a thing).

"Now, if those of you who already have your Perry book would turn to page one" the professor said after handing out the class syllabus.

Sources of the Western Tradition: Sixth Edition. Being the overachiever that she was, Adelaide was one of the few students in the class who had gotten her books in advance. She opened to page one as Professor Williams had asked, and found herself looking at what appeared to be a portrait of two Egyptian royal family members. At the top of the page, it read: Part One: The Ancient World. Chapter 1: The Near East.

As Adelaide examined the picture, she felt someone tap her on her shoulder, she looked to her left, and was mesmerized by yet another gorgeous guy sitting next to her.

"Hi. Can, I, uh..." he whispered, indicating that they share the book.

"...O-oh." Adelaide realized after staring a second.

She scooted over a bit closer so the guy could see.

"Thanks." He smiled. She returned it.


This guy was super cute. Dirty blond hair, and crystal blue eyes, and a nice rugged square chin. This may have been a little over-observant, but Adelaide could easily tell that he worked out.

"I'm Luke."


He reached his hand across the desk and shook hers.

"Addie for short?"

Adelaide sighed, and simply shook her head. Sounded like college would be like high school all over again. She'd have to tell everyone notto call her "Addie".

"Over the next several weeks, we will be going over the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is said to be the greatest work of Mesopotamian literature." Professor Williams lectured.

"Freshman, right?" Luke asked.

"Yeah." Adelaide whispered back. "You?"


"That's cool."

"How do you like Reagan so far?"

"It's great. I'm already having fun."

"Are you rooming here too?"

"Yeah. At Johnson Hall."

"And there are three people talking right now." Professor Williams said in the middle of her lecture. She turned to face Adelaide and Luke. "One of them is me, and the other are you two."

The two of them stopped talking and turned their attention to the instructor.

"Is there something you would like to add to the class that I haven't gone over yet?" she asked.

Adelaide shook her head. "No, ma'am."

"Good. May I continue now, then?"

"Yes, ma'am."

The professor went on talking about class regulations, upcoming quizzes and so forth, while Luke and Adelaide gave each other a friendly smile.

The first day seemed easy enough. Adelaide could already see the rest of her college days going by just as smoothly. And she thought it was going to be tough. It was great, her classes so far were interesting and fun, everyone was super nice to her, and there definitely wasn't a shortage of attractive people around campus.

That night, Adelaide joined her family at their house for dinner. They had worked out a deal. Every week, if Adelaide had the time, she'd visit her family. It's not like she wasn't close to home, though. Her house was in the suburbs, about a half hour drive from Reagan. She'd chosen to live in a dorm to feel independent from her parents.

"How was your day today, Patricia?" Will asked before placing a forkful of meatloaf into his mouth.

"Oh, it was amazing. You know that big house over on Elm Street. I sold it today. For three-hundred grand, can you believe that?"

For the past 7 years, Patricia had been a rather accomplished real estate agent. Since her employment, she'd never sold property for less than $100,000.

"Hey, is your dorm room all OCD'ed up yet, Adelaide?" Cameron asked with a smirk.

"Oh, shut up."

But, the truth is, it was. At her study station, Adelaide had alphabetized all of her books, her pencils, paperclips, stapler and sharpener were all placed in a very specific fashion on the desk. Her bed was neatly made each morning, and everything in her closet was color coordinated. Of course, Adelaide would never call it OCD. She just liked order.

"How did your shoot go today, daddy?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

"Great. Svetlana's pics should come out looking amazing." Will answered. "I keep telling your mother, that she should let me shoot her next."

Adelaide's father was a photographer for a modeling agency. On his first date with Patricia, he kept going on and on about how she was beautiful enough to become a model. Cameron winced at the thought.

"Please, dad. We're eating." she said.

"So, are you liking college so far, honey?" Patricia asked Adelaide.

"It's great. I had a lot of fun. My screenwriting teacher? He's awesome." Adelaide replied.

"Are there any hot guys there?" Cameron asked.

"You have no idea."

"So, what's on the activity roster for tonight, Adelaide?" Will asked. "Got anything planned?"

"Megan's taking me to the gym later. I got a free trial membership there this afternoon."

"Mom?" Cameron asked. "Can I borrow 30 bucks so I can go to a concert with Tyler tomorrow night?"

"Sweetheart, you just went to a concert last week." Patricia responded.

"I know, but this is one that I can't miss. All my friends are going."

"Well...alright. But don't be out until 3 in the morning like last time."

Cameron had been asking her mother for money frequently over the past few weeks. Odd. Adelaide hadn't seen her sister take much interest in concerts before.

Later, at the Gold's Gym that was near campus, Adelaide and Megan had just gotten through running 3 miles on the upstairs treadmills.

As they walked through the bottom half of the building towards the ab machines, the blonde panted and rubbed sweat off of her face with a towel.

"Wow. That's the most I've ran in...ever, actually."

"Yeah. You get used to it eventually." Megan said. "And now on to the ab rollers."

"Oh, God. I'm gonna die."

Megan giggled.

Just then, the girls recognized a familiar face walk towards them. The dark haired, hazel eyed fellow. Richard. Upon seeing him, the ladies smiled.

"Hey, Richard." Megan grinned.

"Hi, Megan. Hello again, Addie." Richard also smiled. Adelaide gritted her teeth inside of her mouth.

"Hello again, Dick." She replied with a smile of her own.


This guy was really pushing it. If he didn't stop calling her "Addie", she was going to have to kick him in the face. Well, she would if her legs hadn't been so sore from running.

"I went to the coffee shop today; I didn't see you there." Adelaide said.

"Oh, I don't work on Mondays. I'm there most of the rest of the week though."

"Are you leaving right now?" Megan asked.

"Uh, yeah. I've just got to do a couple sets on the bench press first." Richard responded. "Hey, I've got an idea. Adelaide, why don't you spot me?"

The blonde looked from her roommate then to the Starbucks cashier before she made her decision.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" She smiled.

"I'll meet you in the locker room later." Megan said, putting a hand to the blonde's shoulder and walking off.

Adelaide gave her a wave, before walking with Richard to the bench. Her eyes widened a bit, as she watched him put two 45lb plates on each side of the bar.

"So...what compels you to keep calling me 'Addie'?" she asked.

Richard chuckled a bit. "Oh, that? I don't know. I always kinda like to tease pretty girls. I guess it makes me look more confident or whatever."

Adelaide felt a little surprised.

"You think I'm pretty?"

"Yeah." Richard said in a "duh" sort of way. "I mean, who wouldn't? In fact, I can't believe someone as cute as you doesn't have guys crowding her all the time."

No matter how the blonde tried to hide it, she was blushing a bit.

"You're sweet. A little annoying. But sweet." she said, trying to play it off.

"I don't really think you know me well enough to say I'm annoying yet, do you?" Richard said as he sat down on the bench.

Adelaide stood behind it to prepare to spot him.

"Well, then, maybe I should get to know you a little better."

"Yeah, maybe." he smirked. "So, have you thought about the frat party, yet?"

She had, and she'd come to a decision.

"Yeah. I think I'm gonna go."

"Great. You'll have a blast. Sigma parties are always the shit."

Adelaide smiled.

"You ready?" Richard asked.

"You sure that's not too heavy?"

"I'm pretty sure."

He laid back on the bench, Adelaide put her hands near the bar, and watched as Richard lifted all 225 pounds like it was barely anything. In fact, she wondered if he had asked her to spot him only as an excuse to talk to her.

The definition of his triceps as he pushed the weight off of his chest was pretty hot, though.