After several weeks time, Adelaide began to finally adjust to her new school life. Even though screenwriting was what she was preparing the most for, she found herself enjoying her dance class a lot more than she thought she would. Ms. Morris was now beginning to teach them basic movement. Albeit, Adelaide still refused to dance to non-choreographed numbers, she made steady progress in learning the steps the instructor would teach her.

Aside from that, she would exchange texts with Richard nearly every day between her classes. Whenever she found time, she would also swing by the Starbucks. Partly to study, and load up on caffeine, but mostly so she could see Richard and talk to him during his breaks. His smile always made her day feel brighter.

He'd always ask her "The usual?" whenever she came in, out of her habit of ordering the same thing every time she walked in there. Whenever Megan went to the shop with her, afterward she'd go on and on about how much Richard was "into" Adelaide.

The only thing about Richard that still irked her though, was his incessant need to write "Addie" on her coffee cup. It may have been annoying, but she found the fact that he liked to try and push her buttons kind of cute.

She hadn't seen him today yet. But, maybe she'd text him after she had dinner with her family.

Speaking of which, the Owens family all sat at the table for Adelaide's weekly dinner visit.

"How's your roommate, Adelaide?" her father asked.

"Megan's fine. She's not around all that much, though. She has early classes."

"Earlier than you do?" Patricia questioned. Adelaide nodded her head.

"Do you guys ever hang out?" Will asked.

"We went to this party a couple weeks ago."

"Oh, really. A frat party? I remember those."

Adelaide shrugged. "I left early. It was a bit too exciting for me. I met this guy though, and I was talking to him most of the time."

Cameron sat there, turning her fork in circles on her plate. She felt a little isolated. Why were her parents asking Adelaide all of these questions but not her?

"Dad, I got an A on my math test today." she blurted out. While she wasn't dumb in any sense of the word, Cameron getting an A was a rarity at best. Her academic level mostly remained in the B and C area.

"That's great, sweetheart." her father said quickly, and casually. "What's this boy's name, Adelaide?"

Cameron couldn't believe it. Sure, her comment may have been a non sequitur to the conversation, but she was just trying to take a bit of the concentration off of her sister's life. She sighed to herself, and went to the counter to wash off her plate.

"His name's Richard." Adelaide answered.

"What's he like? Where does he work? Is he in school? What kind of car does he drive?" Will barraged with questions. He always did this whenever Adelaide mentioned knowing a boy.

"Daddy..." Adelaide rolled her eyes.

"Does he at least have a solid career plan, honey?" Patricia chimed in. As previously established, she could be rather overprotective herself.

Adelaide wrinkled her forehead. "Mom, you've met him. Did he seem like a deadbeat to you?"

"Honey, I've met him once. But, I don't know him."

"That's right. And if you're going to be starting anything serious with this guy, I want to know if he's gonna be able to support you." her father added.

"You guys, there's nothing going on between us." Adelaide said as Cameron returned to the table. "Relationship wise, we're just friends. You guys are acting like we're getting married or something."

"Of course, no man's good enough for my perfect little girl, but he should at the very most have some money." Will joked, placing a hand on Adelaide's shoulder.

Cameron slightly winced. Right. Perfect, perfect Adelaide.

"Do you like him?" she asked.

Adelaide looked to her sister, then to her parents, and noticed that they were all staring at her. It may have been the smirk on her face that gave it away.

With an exaggerated scoff, "Look, I barely know him. Sure, we've sent each other a few texts, but we're not going out."

As the word "out" left Adelaide's mouth, her phone buzzed. She looked down at her pocket, then back at her family. Their stares persisted.

"Excuse me." Adelaide said as she took the phone out of her pocket.

1 new text message

The inbox said the message was from Richard Griffin.

Speak of the devil.

Hey. Not tryin 2 be too forward or anything, but u wanna meet up at the gym in about half an hour? I wanna tell you something.

Adelaide blushed. What timing. She didn't dare to show her family the text. She'd never hear the end of it. After quickly texting "Sure. See u in a bit." she nonchalantly put her phone back in her pocket without saying a word.

"Who texted you?" Cameron asked, though she already could've guessed who it was.

"Megan." Adelaide quickly fibbed.

Again, they all looked at her with faces of incredulity. At this point, she decided it was best to try and change the subject.

"So, uh, how are you doing, Cameron?" she asked. "How's Tyler?"

Before Cameron could answer, Will chimed in. "Yeah, how is Tyler? You two still goin' out? I haven't seen him around here in a while."

"He just doesn't find much time to come over," Cameron responded. "His dad likes him to be home for chores and stuff."

Will slightly leaned forward in his chair towards Cameron.

"You know, between you and me, I think Tyler's father's a bit of a prick. I always thought he was a little too hard on the kid. It's like that man never expects anything less than perfect."

"I can't imagine." Cameron replied, albeit sarcastically. There was that word again; "perfect".

Adelaide exited her white Volkswagen beetle convertible in the Gold's Gym parking lot later that night. She'd stopped by her dorm beforehand and changed into her workout tank top and pants.

It was dusk outside, which meant that a lot of people would be getting off work about now, which was a reason why Adelaide could tell all the way from the parking lot, that a lot of people were on the inside of that gym.

She was right. When she walked inside and scanned her pass at the turnstile, she saw that nearly all of the machines and equipment were occupied.

As her eyes scoped the perimeter, she saw who she'd come in there to meet. Over by the multi-station, Richard was there doing a few tricep pulldowns.

Adelaide smiled upon seeing him, and slowly began to walk over. She stopped however, when she noticed a pretty looking blonde girl walk to him. He smiled at the girl, and exchanged a conversation that Adelaide couldn't hear. They then hugged each other. The girl gave Richard a quick peck on the cheek before walking away. She suddenly felt her heart race.

Well, guess that dashed any hopes of Richard asking Adelaide out. He clearly already had his eye on someone else. But, he'd had the nerve to make the small subtle passes at Adelaide? What a jerk.

She froze as he noticed her from across the gym. He smiled and waved. She gave him half a smile and waved back. Might as well get this over with. When she got over to him, he finished his last set of tricep pulldowns.

"Hi." he grinned.


"You get my text?"

The blonde shrugged. "That's why I'm here."

He furrowed his eyebrows, and wondered why all of a sudden she was giving him the cold shoulder.

"Something wrong?"

"No. No, it's nothing I just...Do you...have a girlfriend?" she asked.

Richard smirked.

"No. Been single for a while now. Why?"

"I saw you with that girl, and..."

"Oh, Sam?" Richard asked, pointing a finger in the direction the other blonde had left. "Oh, she's just a friend."

"Really?" Adelaide said in an "I almost believe you" tone.

"Yeah. There's no way we'd ever go out. In fact, she'd probably be more interested in you."

Adelaide was kind of confused. She folded her arms trying to figure what Richard meant.

"She's gay." the hazel eyed boy clarified.

"Oh." Adelaide giggled.

Richard smiled back.

"So, how's it goin'?" he asked before turning to the pullup bar that was attached to the connecting portion of the multi-station.

"You said you wanted to tell me something." Adelaide said as Richard lifted his body up.

He let out a breath as he lowered himself down.

"Yeah...I was just" He said in intervals that coincided with his ascension and descent.

"Why are you doing that?" Adelaide asked.

Richard finished his set and dropped.

"Sorry. I was trying to draw attention away from my nervousness. It's kind of hard for me to casually ask you out without sounding like a douchebag." he explained.

Adelaide felt herself having to hold back the grin that wanted to escape from her face.

"Well, I think you just did." she said after a short pause.

Richard noticed the flattered look on Adelaide gave him. He placed his hands on his waist, and leaned in.

"Is that a yes?"

Her smile widened. "Yes. I'll go out with you."