vi. the summer when you said goodbye

(from her childhood friend's perspective)

there were nights when i still dream of your ghost
sleeping beside me every time i try so hard to forget
yesterday so i take a sip of your electric smile,
allowing it to linger on my tongue as my
memories perish with the setting sun.

it was the summer of 2003 when i first fell in love.
i jumped into the passenger seat of your jeep,
leaned towards you as you touched my leg
and started to nibble your ear and
you began to chuckle since you were
especially ticklish there.

i turned the radio on
and we sang to this sweet
eraserheads song

girl, you could have been my gwen stefani and
left me with scented love notes on momiji dolls
and i could have been your paulo coelho
as i button up your portobello heart
with hand-written poetry

you tattooed the lyrics of our brown-eyed lullaby
on my mouth but i was just a boy that yearned
to run away at two in the morning and you were
my surreptitious fantasy that slipped
from my fingers.