Hi there, this is my first story, I am still new to writing. Be kind and please review.


Night has fallen, and the stars filled the sky.
Footsteps were heard in a quick pattern.
Puffs of warm air escaped through my mouth.
I was running through the dark forest.
Trees seemed to close me in
A cold wall slammed into my face.
Winter night presented itself to me, a bad introduction.
''No... I can't give up... Not now.''
Thirst and hunger filled me, and my legs seemed to burn of exhaustion.
My lungs felt like they were on fire and with every breath I took,
it was as if the fire inside of my lungs grew stronger, fueled by the cold air I breathed in.
My body screamed for me to stop, to catch my breath.
It craved the fuel it needed in order to operate.
The full moon was shining through the forest,
giving a bit of light to see in this damned forest.
Shadows seemed to dance in the corner of my eyes.
My senses fully alert, at every sound and every moving shadow.
I gritted my teeth, as my mind focused on the goal.
"I have to hold on...can't give up.''

Amaya shot up. Sweat was running over her face, making her hair stick to her forehead. Her heart was beating heavily in her throat, pumping precious blood through her body as she looked around her, watching her surroundings. This was the eighth night she woke up, afraid and drenched in sweat. The worst part of it was that she didn't know why. The campfire was long gone, its only remains were the ashes and chunks of brittle coal.

The blond-haired girl pushed herself up and listened for any unusual sounds. The only noises she could hear belonged to the animals in the forest and the wind. She could hear the hooting of owls, the faint chirping of the crickets, and the soft scuttling of rodents' feet. She quickly packed her belongings, while remaining silent. The crunching of leaves and a tiny snap of a branch suddenly reached her ears. Her muscles tensed even before she knew it, as she hastily glanced around her. Her hands had subconsciously moved towards her trusted katana. She needed to be prepared for absolutely everything and everyone…

With a barely audible metallic hiss, she drew the katana from its sheath and held it at a ready. Then Amaya's light blue eyes flickered to the sides, her senses fully alert. The forest had fallen silent, warning her. No birds, no mammals, even the crickets had become silent. Then she heard a shuffle in the distance. Amaya quietly turned towards the direction of the noises, allowing her sensitive ears to guide her, while keeping her katana ready. The noises kept coming closer and closer...