Chapter 6

I observe from the distance, while looking at my victims.
I blend in the shadows, no one looks at me, because they would never noticed me.
My hunger and thirst now satisfied, thanks to my kills.
I wipe away the bit of blood, dripping from my mouth.
I forgot to clean myself up, after my game last night.
The townsfolk looked pretty shocked and scared at my old playmates.
I must say, their bodies could be in an even worse state than this.
This was me playing nice, they should see it when I get pissed off.
My crimson eyes quickly scanned the surrounding.
Some of the townsfolk puked at the sight of the two bodies.
Probably a combination of the stench and the sight.
At least two bastards less in the world...
I give a smirk at the weeping townsfolk and disappear without trace.
Those people would never know what had happened and who did that to them...

The three travellers walked inside the abandoned inn, the rotting progress already started. Every step they take, the floor announced that someone took a step on the old wooden floor. It looks like since that fateful night, no one ever returned to the once popular inn. Chairs shattered and lay broken on the floor, tables were thrown or flipped and some old beer glasses lay broken on the floor.

When the three investigated the place, Amaya came across, what looks like the place where the fight took place a long time ago. She noticed two skeletons on the floor and sees the details of their possible deaths. One has a few bullet holes on its bones, while the other... Amaya looks closer, her ocean blue eyes narrowed, while she concentrated on the skeleton.

The other skeleton looks like it had been eaten by a beast or monster. Some bones looked like they have been torn off with force and the bite marks are a giveaway. The smell of rotting wood hangs in the air and a thick layer of dust is on every furniture in the inn. Than Amaya sees long claw marks on the ground, the mark looked like whatever the owner of the marks was, it was ready for an attack.

The three sit in the comfy dusty chairs in a corner. Kaithlyn looks with concern to the other travellers. ''I'm worried about those creatures, they suddenly came out of nowhere'' Kaithlyn says. Nathan's eyes narrowed in thoughts and concentration. ''Now you say that, I must agree with you, those creatures weren't always around'' Nathan answered. ''We have to find out how to kill them, before it's too late'' Kaithlyn says in thoughts.

Amaya takes out her map and spread it across the table. She reads the map, looking for towns or cities to go to.
Kaithlyn looks over Amaya's small body and with her amber eyes read the map. "We must travel from town to town, in order to fill our stock, when necessary'' Kaithlyn stated. The two other nodded their agreement. There must be some information or rumors in every town, so we should ask around'' Nathan explained. Amaya leans back in her red comfy chair.

''I think the best thing we could do, is going north, so far we have been in the southern part of the country, maybe those creatures don't come in the northern part of the country'' Amaya responded. "We can always try, the worst case is that we meet up with some monster, but we already had'' Nathan says. The three decided to head north, when they wake up tomorrow. And when they are in their sleeping bags, the three travellers quickly fall under sleep's spell...