Devil house of A B C...

There is an old neighbourhood in the middle of nowhere, in that neighbourhood sits and old house.
The house once belonged to a man who no one knows the name of.
One day, the man was found dead in his house, how he died, no one knows.
Since then who ever steps foot in the broken old shack, is found dead, or dies shortly after.
There was one little boy who almost came out alive, and this is his story.
Apparently the boy was dared to go into the house by his friends, who stood outside.
So the boy walked up to the broken window, (which was the only way in) and climbed in.
Inside the house was dusty, and grim, but not exactly frightening.
No the house wasn't what was scary, or dangerous, it was the creature said to live inside it.
The boy looked around; It was dark, damp, and had a strange scent.
Hard to describe really, kind of like rotten eggs, and really bad body odour.
The smell came from, a door in the hall way, from which a strange light glowed under the door.
Suddenly, the room began to... Talk, "Come here" said a little girl's voice, it was no louder than a hurried whisper.
"Come play with me" the voice called out.
The boy began to get scared, "Who said that!?" the boy answered, The voice got a little louder, "Come and see" it called.
Then everything began to get very still and quiet, there was a loud scream, coming from the room across from the "talking" one,.
"SOMEONE HELP ME!" the screaming voice called.
The boy ran to the room, "Hello!?" he called through the door, he opened it slowly to reveal, a skeleton, sitting in the middle of the room.
On the walls, were words, written in blood.
The words read;
Leave here Now, If you don't she'll get you too!
The boy closed the door and turned to see a girl in a black dress, he screamed, frozen there like ice, he felt himself freeze, he couldn't move.
The girl walked over, "Don't you want to play with me?" she asked, the boy shook his head.
"Why not?" the girl asked, blood began to pour from her eyes.
"PLAY WITH ME!" the boy yelled "No!" and ran to the door. The little girl then began to sing in a monotone voice, " g..." she walked as she sang. The boy froze again, hearing her come closer, " p" and closer, "Q r s" closer "T u v".
"W" The boy turned and the girl was right there, "X Y Z.." she finished, and everything went black.
The next thing he knew he woke up in a hospital bed. He turn, hoping to see his parents but saw the girl sitting there, finishing her song, "X Y Z...".
When the nurse came in the boy was gone.
People say, if you walk by that house, you can her the girl sing, and after she sing "X Y Z" if you stay long enough, you can hear a horrid blood curdling scream.