Nina Walker

The Time Traveler, First Mission

By:Nancy Ho

Who are you!" Nina yelled as she was getting pulled into a slick black car. She kicked hard into a chubby goon's shin enough to loosen his grip, but it wasn't strong enough, she struggled hard screaming and yelling .And even the Policeman next door won't come out.

Nina's mother and father were tied to chairs, her mother was crying- begging them not to take Nina away. Her Father was a skilled karate master, he took down 3 goons until he was assaulted with a meat mincer, now he is out cold tied to the chair. Nina parents, they knew something. They KNEW this day would come.

"Let me go! What do you want with me?" Nina screeched. She was violently hand cuffed and shoved into a large spacious trunk with soft lining on all side, making the hard drop less painful. But she groaned in agony.

"Shut up brat! Your going to be a threat to us if you live!" a short haired man said muffling Nina's mouth.

What the heck is happening to me? What will happen to Mom and Dad? Nina concentrated hard looking for a solution to escape. She greatly loosened and freed herself from the cuffs from the sweat on her hands, and gladly she was glad for once that she had such small hands.

A)Get out of the trunk and jump? No good, I'll fall to my death at this speed.

B)Give up? HECK NO.

C)Jump Goons and run for it? No good, they have guns.

Nina's chances were slim, but she found what she needed, a tranquilizer gun,steel and copper wires,mini spikes,tazer gun, pocket knife with all the tools, and her latest Candy Touchscreen phone and wallet. [The stupidest thing was why did the goons put such wonderful items for Nina to use? Most goons are made to be funny and stupid that's why! Now back on to the story ;3]

This is too good to be true! Now I can go with plan C! But, if they jump me before it happens- No, I gotta hurry! She took out the tazer's batteries and tied on 4 more links to it that made it looked like it branches that extend forever. Nina wiggled around a bit in the trunk to see a trash hole that lead to the guest seats of the car. She pulled out the cap on the hole slowly and was startled and the sudden boom of a halt. CREECH!

Goon #1 yelled " YOU IDIOT! WHAT THE HECK DID YOU STOP FOR!" A scruffy high-pitched voice whom should be Goon #2 was as surprised too " S-sorry sir! T-that kid! That kid over there!" Goon #2 pointed. Nina couldn't see well, but she stuck her hand through the hole with hands on her phone she cam recorded what the camera saw a after a couple of minutes of Goons 1, 2,3,4,and 5 constant bickering stopped when Goon #1 yelled : " HE'S! A CARD! HE'S ONE OF THE SPIES FOR THE CARDS! Drive! Run his body over!" Goon #2 hesitated and then thought about his demise if he didn't do it, and rammed the petal at full force. The force made Nina yelped in pain, her left hand that was stunk in the hole had a deep cut on her hand, but she didn't dare drop her phone. She winced at the pain and retracted her arm, she was now replaying the video. A boy with pure silver hair and a black and white mask was standing there on the phone. As all the goons started to fight and yell the boy stood there, and was saying something, Nina zoomed in to the point she can perfectly see his face, he was stunning! His hair was shimmering and his tan skin was perfect!

No, Nina thought. The boys lips were mouthing S,A,V,E,Y,O,U,N,I,N,A. She couldn't believe it, the tan boy, was involved on what she doesn't know! Her parents know! And now this strange pretty boy knows! She couldn't take it anymore and screamed. "WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING TODAY!?"

Nina was ready to chuck spikes on everyone and electrocute all of them. She was so mad, so terrified. A voice popped in her head :Call forth Armageddon, Thou art Savior...Alas Heroine stand! Resurrected anew. Generations unfolded.

"ARMAGEDDON!" Nina whispered, her pupils turn deep crimson red and a bright light engulfed every thing in a 30 meter radius.