I fluttered my golden eyes open, wondering how long I had been asleep. I woke up to silence, something that was not normal for our underground city. I quickly jumped off of the couch and began to look for my family. We lived in a very small apartment like most families in our city. There were only two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a very small bathroom. As I looked in each room I found no one, not a single person.

"Mom? Dad? Alex?" I called, but got no answer. "Where is everyone?" I whispered to myself as I threw on my favorite brown leather jacket. I hurried down the steps of my apartment building, and out the double doors.

The streets were empty; there was no sign of anyone, anywhere. This puzzled me, did everyone just disappear? I could hear no ones thoughts, which was odd because I could always hear people's thoughts. Our kind, angles to be specific are sometimes born with special abilities, mine being able to read minds. It is very rare to be born with these special talents.

I wondered further and further from my apartment building still not finding anyone. As I walked my long blonde hair was starting to bug me so I stopped to put it in a ponytail. When I stopped I could hear someone's thoughts. They were approaching fast; I turned to see a big dark mass tackle me to the ground.

I gasped for air as I laid there; the wind had been knocked out of me. When I looked at the person who was sprawled out on me I realized who it was. I found my brother, Alex breathing heavily. Then suddenly I heard the gun shots, they were closing in on us. "Alex what the hell did you do?" I yelled standing up.

He quickly jumped off of the ground, his golden eyes filled with fear. He wore blue jeans, his favorite Nike sneakers, and a blue tee shirt. He was covered with dirt, and had a bloody gash on the side of his face. His short brown hair was a mess; he never lets his hair get like that. "They… they killed mom and dad. We need to get out of her now!" he said grabbing my wrist, and pulling me down the street.

I could feel the tears swiftly running down my face, my mascara probably running with it. "What are you talking about?" I sniffed, pulling away from his grasp.

He stopped when I did, and looked into my eyes. "They are killing everyone. The Supreme ones escaped, and are causing chaos above ground. They think we are all a threat, and are killing everyone. We really need to get out! Now!" he yelled as a few bullets flew by us.

We quickly ran through the streets, dodging bullets left and right. Our wings were no use here; they made it so we couldn't fly. We could retract our wings so we appeared to be human, but our golden eyes gave us away. As we ran I could hear the guards barking orders at each other in order to catch us.

It was hard to run, the skin tight skinny jeans I had on really made me slow, I was usually a good runner. The black combat boots I had on really didn't help matters either. "This way!" Alex yelled to me knowing where he was going.

We ran a few more feet, then turned into an alley way. "What are we doing? This is a dead end!" I practically screamed. We had reached the very end of the city; there was noting but the hard rock wall there.

Alex ignored me, and tapped the wall a few times. Then something totally unexpected happened. The wall rotated, and revealed a tunnel. "Let's go before they get here!" I was too stunned to move. "Quickly!" he yelled pulling me by the arm. Once we were inside he tapped the wall again the door closed, leaving us in the darkness.

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